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UM.PYO from Ninodoll

Jul 1, 2007

    1. I know!! He really is a cutie. It's so nice to see happy SD boys.

      Anyone know what body these heads fit on? I'm just curious.
    2. Well, I remember with Bada and them, owners often said that they're more SD10 sized than anything, and that they FIT on SD13 size bodies, but it looks a little bit awkward.
    3. He looks so happy!! Can't help but smile too when i look at his little face ^___^
      Nino dolls always have such a unique look to them
    4. Wow, I really like him :love! He reminds me a bit of Sharmin for some reason. I think I might get him, even though I really shoudn't be getting more dolls. He's too adorable ^^;.
    5. He is too gorgeous, I dont have an SD's but I want this head majorly ^-^ Its the most beautiful head ever!, aww I wish I could order him.

      Btw on ninodolls, is there an english site???
    6. Why do they always do this when I'm low on cash?? He's so cute!

      As for bodies they fit on--my Sukryu borrowed a Soom boy body for a doll meet, and he looked good on it, except that the neck would have needed to be sanded down a little--the head fit a little high. My Anna girl fits well on her CH girl body.
    7. SD10 sized (57cm or so) are what they fit best on. Resin matches can be tricky, but they seem to match Volks usually. ^^

      He really is a cutey. :3 *so much love for kawainino dolls* My first doll is an Iz on a Volks Ryo SD10 pureskin body. I was so glad to see the new orders for the old heads and the new ones back in april. :D I bought two new heads then.

      I'm so tempted to buy another one now. *sits on hands* Must save up! XD
    8. OMG!! He's such a cutie!! *.*

      I really love all Ninodoll heads, but this one has something special... I wish I could order one but... I have no money... snif... T.T
    9. The new head is adorable! I was having a really tough time choosing whether to order Um.Pyo or Bada. I went with Bada in the end though because I have been lusting for him for a while. :)
    10. He is absolutely adorable...and he really reminds me of Kyuhyun from Super Junior...:aheartbea
    11. Whoops! I ordered him yesterday. :D Let's hope he goes down better than the K-doll Karon I bought and sold off immediately, because he just felt so wrong.

      I've started thinking up names...

      Anyone else getting him? Or any of the other gorgeous lads? I liked Sukryo as well, but thought I'd start with the one head and see how it goes from there. I also have a Dollstown Yeondu head on its way. They will have some kind of relationship, but I'm not sure what yet.
    12. I love him~. x3
      Soo cute.
      He looks super squeaky and bubbly.

      He'll definitely go on my wishlist... I'm not sure I'll ever buy him, but I really think he would go over great. :3
    13. I'm expecting him some time late July and will definitely post photos. He will be on a Domuya Flexibody, so I need to blush his head a little for resin match. But I saw someone else do it here. :)
    14. Moo, is there an English site for Ninodoll? Their heads are soooo cute!
    15. You can order through here: http://bjd.in/ninodoll.html

      Mine is in customs right now. I think he may arrive tomorrow! Woheee!! :D
    16. Update! He only arrived yesterday owing to some extremely slow customs (are they all on summer vacation!?).

      Anyway, here is Ing. The wig is too big and he has no clothes, but he's lovely. Face-up later... (He's on a Domuya flexibody, natural skin. The neck is a tad too large, so I will sand it.)

    17. He is so adorable! :D Congratulations~.

      Their molds are so cute.. I wish there were more around the board.​
    18. Toveb - He looks great!! I can't wait to see him with a faceup :D