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~~|Uncanny Dream - Articulated Fantasy 2011 - Seattle Doll Expo May 29th|~~

Mar 21, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      I'm excited to announce Uncanny Dream - Articulated Fantasy 2011, a brand new Ball-Jointed Doll Expo in downtown Seattle, WA. This one-day event will feature diorama displays by 7 of the Pacific Northwest's top BJD Customizers. The Expo will also include several Vendors, space for visitors to set up their wares to trade or sell in a trunkshow, and public meetup and photography space.
      Admission is Free!

      Uncanny Dream will be held Sunday May 29th, 2011 in a large art studio/gallery space in Pioneer Square, right on the Seattle Waterfront. Artists were invited to create fantasy worlds for their dolls to inhabit, ranging from traditional fantasy to steampunk and cyber. We have put together an exciting list of talented BJD customizers from Seattle and the NW region to build these diorama displays, including:
      Christy (Captured in Thought)
      Fenris (resin+)
      KireiX and Keekster (BJD Cast)
      KasaMadhuri777 (Alraune Atelier)​

      A huge variety of customized dolls will be present, including Soom, Dollstown, Fairyland, Dollshe, Dollzone, and many many more.

      We have also lined up exciting vendors to sell clothes, wigs, accessories and dolls, including Jpopdolls and Dollsofmine.com. Other vendors and special activities will be announced as we draw closer to the event.

      The main Gallery space will feature the artists' BJD dioramas for you to enjoy and photograph. The large Hallway Gallery will feature the vendors, and have some space for visitors to set up their own wares in a trunkshow format. The large Photography Studio next to the main gallery will be a public meetup area, and has lots of space to setup and photograph any dolls you're bringing with you.

      Uncanny Dream is taking place in the 619 Western Artist Building in downtown Seattle, in the X17 Gallery space. There is ample parking underneath the Alaskan Way Viaduct right behind the building (free on Sundays) and a pay-lot adjoining the building. It is also in easy walking distance to Uwajimaya Asian Market & Bookstore, International Model Toys, Pike's Place Market, and the Seattle Downtown Shopping core so visitors driving to Seattle for the event have convenient access to all Downtown has to offer.

      Location Info for Uncanny Dream 2011:​

      619 Western Ave (4th Floor South)
      Seattle WA, 98104
      12-6PM Sunday May 29th, 2011

      More details to come as the event approaches. Any vendors interested in joining the event can message me or email me at [email protected]. Artist Diorama submissions for this event are closed, but everyone is encouraged and invited to bring their dolls, and use the public meetup space and photography space.

      Discussion Thread Here!
    2. [​IMG]

      I'm excited to announce a few more vendors and details for the upcoming Uncanny Dream - Articulated Fantasy 2011 event! Mychildren.biz will be bringing furniture and accessories for a wide range of dolls, including some that nicely fit larger sizes. Devout Dolls will be coming with cute dresses for tinies, and KarmaCat will be vending handmade fur wigs. I'm also going to be re-launching my couture line of doll hats and accessories. And don't forget that anyone is welcome to buy and sell, so feel free to bring handmade and second-hand items for BJDs to sell or trade.

      I've lined up a live musical performance from the fabulous band
      And the Olympia Meetup Group is building a huge stage that will be a photography area for you to photograph your dolls. I will post an update with parking information and so on in the next week or so.

      Come on over and join us in the Discussion Thread to chat about Uncanny Dream :D
    3. Uncanny Dream Contests & Location Info

      I have a few updates for the event this Sunday!

      For Uncanny Dream - Articulated Fantasy 2011 we will be having a Best Customized BJD Contest, with fabulous prizes. The contest will be judged on all-around "Best Doll" - anyone may enter, but the focus should be on dolls that are customized by their owners (faceup, body-blushing or modding, costume) rather than company fullsets. There will be two categories - 60cm and larger (SD+), and 50cm and smaller (MSD-). Voting will be by crowd participation.


      First Place in each category is a $75 gift certificate to Jpop Dolls, a handmade doll sized convention T-Shirt by Dollsofmine.com, and a miniature finished canvas of the flyer art.

      Second Place in each category is a $25 gift certificate to Jpop Dolls, and a large sticker of the flyer art.


      Location Info for Uncanny Dream 2011:​

      619 Western Ave (4th Floor South)
      Seattle WA, 98104
      12-6PM Sunday May 29th, 2011

      Parking Info:

      There is public parking underneath the Alaskan Way Viaduct (right behind the 619 Western location). The streets go 1st, Western, Alaskan Way, but between Western and Alaskan Way is a one way street that runs underneath the viaduct and is all public parking. Since its a one-way, the best thing to do is head up to S Jackson Street, and then drive along under the viaduct until you see parking. There is also a paylot right by the 619 Building.

      Bus Info:

      The event location is only 3 blocks away from the Pioneer Square Tunnel Station - so any tunnel bus works. There are also a lot of buses that stop at 3rd and Columbia or 3rd and Yesler. Walk down Yesler until you get to the Yesler and Western Intersection.

      If you have any other questions, they've most likely been answered in the FAQ on the Uncanny Dream website, or in the Discussion Thread. We look forward to seeing all you Northwest-Coasters this weekend!

      Discussion Thread Here!