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Unconventional accessories?

Aug 29, 2019

    1. my doll is a manticore humanoid so hes supposed to have a scorpion tail,,,,
      I’m not quite sure how I’m gonna make that I’m still on the fence about what materials to use! He’s going to be my second doll so honestly i already know I’m biting off more than i can chew xD

      Do y’all have any unconventional parts to your dolls? Or just parts that you have to make on your own? Was it a frustrating experience?
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    2. I don't have any unconventional bits (yet; I've been considering engineering an additive way to give Soom hooves double-jointed at the knee...) but for your manticore tail, I'd consider using stuffed-toy skeleton and either a smooth cotton, or like a pleather/leatherette/vinyl kind of material if you're feeling spicy, to make a magnet-attachment.
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    3. That's probably better than what I was thinking. Going to a toy store and buying a large toy scorpion. Then just removing the tail and attaching it however would best work.
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    4. Dollightful on YouTube made her dragon custom doll a ball jointed tail using air dry clay. You can see her process here.
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    5. I kinda expected something else when I clicked this thread, but I'm actually laughing a bit, as this could be totally me a while back.
      My 'unconventional' accessoire for several dolls are... tails. XD
      Not a scorpion tail (yet), but some other things.

      I was only about a half year into the hobby, when I first got irritated at the lack of options for what I wanted. So there I went, read up some tutorials about joints and materials and then I went and got to work. Over quite some time I was busy making... a Naga (snake human) tail for one of my dolls.
      The result was a posable tail, just as I wanted, handmade by yours truly from Apoxie Sculpt:

      It's currently broken, as I tried to improve the joints later on and it didn't work out the way I wanted it and then I made a new tail, but that was not quite it either and the 3rd try will probably happen next year, this time coming from a 3D resin printer. But that's far off in the future as of now. (no time to sculpt what I want how I want it ^^°

      Many years later there still weren't any jointed tails around and definitly no dragon/lizard tails, so I want at it again with Apoxie Sculpt: Dragon-Lizard tail complete

      Again a year later, there still weren't ENOUGH JOINTED TAILS and definitly not what I wanted, so... yes, more Apoxie Sculpt work to get a devil's/Tiefling tail - jointed!:
      Self-made jointed demon/dragon tail

      Again a year later - no Apoxie this time - I wanted my own custom mecha-doll additionally to those two Souloids I already had and it had to have a cool mecha tail with a bladed laser cannon on the tip, right? Right!
      Introduce my new level of insanity, self designed in 3D and printed:
      Jointed mecha tail with laser canon & blades
      (And another one for the finished result: https://flic.kr/p/2g6hhLF)

      Remember the devil's tail from before? I made another in the 3D programm soon after and recently printed it for my succubus:

      So I totally get where you are coming from with that succubus tail. There are many material options to consider and choose from nowadays and it really depends on what you want, what you have avaible and how much you want to spend, honestly.

      My Apoxie Sculpt creations were made simply with the material, plus some helpers, like a hand-drill from modelling and some cheap beads in a few sizes to help shape the 'ball' joints. Was it easy? No. Did I cuss a lot? ... Sometimes (*coughs*yes*coughs*) Did I loose sleep from crafting or mentally planning what to do or try different? Yes. A bit. I tend to loose track of time when I'm all into something. Was it worth it? T O T A L L Y! Would do and probably will do again in the future XD
      So don't loose hope and look things up and give it a try :D
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    6. OH DANG
      That is so cool!
      Thank you so much for sharing these, incredibly inspiring (esp. that naga body)!
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    7. Subdued thank you so much for the suggestions y’all!

      Especially @Snowy whay you did is so amazing @u@

      I’m just afraid of doing clay sculpting cause 1) I’m awful at 3D crafts
      2) my boy is a 70cm doll he’s so big sudhjd
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    8. @MercutioEx Thank you! ^^
      I grew up with the line 'if what you want isn't avaible (on the internet) you gotta go and make it yourself' and I guess I just like trying out new stuff.

      I actually have some progress pics of the making process for some of these and actually made a semi-journal of the Naga, here on DoA:

      Just in case you need some... more inspirational thingies to get you pumped up for some trial and error and fun of creating :D

      Thanks a lot. :) Glad if it's of any help.

      My limited knowledge from '3D crafts' are from my cosplay time and most of that was cutting craftform and glueing layers together and maybe covering it in a sheet of papermache or similar, before sanding it or covering it in a layer of woodglue to give it a smooth finish before painting and sealing.

      Even with the Naga and the other things, I can only say: The main key is that you have a plan / reference pictures, ideally photoshopped and printed in the size you want and a good core to build your choosen material on.
      With the lizard-dragon tail I basically started with a core shaped like a long thin cone and then made a cone of apoxie scupt, before sanding it appart at the parts once fully dry and then building upon that.

      I just found some progress pics of the tiefling tail, for which I simply rolled a long noodle, slightly cone-shapped and then cut to pieces before molding the balls at one side and the 'ball socket' at the other, let dry again and then drilled and sanded in the stringing hole(s):
      Jointed tiefling tail
      Jointed tiefling tail

      That said, I shall forever beg for forgiveness from my biggest work in progress, Kra'ak En, because if I'm honest, he's the most unconventional accessoir-wearer and I totally forgot about him ^^°

      Proudly (and ashamed for forgetting) presenting, the forgotten one. Kra'ak En, the octopus boy, which 8 fully jointed octopus arms, that he's probably going to try and use on me soon ^^°
      [​IMG]Octopus progress! by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr
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    9. One of my dolls is supposed to have a wheelchair, but in the world they're in, modern day metal one's aren't a thing.... I can't for the life of me find a wooden SD size wheelchair, and the one I have seen is a little pricey for me right now :...(
    10. A bunch of my characters are supposed to have tails (various sorts, including similar to scorpion), but so far I've only made faux-fur-covered wire ones. I did buy some doll armature to make some more permanent versions, but haven't had the guts to actually drill a hole in anyone's backside yet.