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Unconventional Bodies - Floating heads gone rogue?

May 16, 2019

    1. I asked this on a Facebook doll group, but I would like to cast this question out here.

      Not talking hybrids really, but has anyone taken a head and gone with a non-standard body? Making them less than human as it were.

      If so, I would love to see your examples. Thanks!
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    2. Way back in the day, for my second doll who was just a floating head when I got him, my mom made me a felt body to keep him on. It had really long legs and ended up getting referred to as "the pretzel body" cause you could tie its legs in a knot. XD
      I've also had a head on a 1/4 scale plastic skeleton I got at Walmart. That head was on that for years (post being on the pretzel heheh).
      And my girl Dacchan uses a Frightfully Tall Monster High body as a human body since her normal resin one is a doll chateau k-13 skeleton centaur body. So this is kind of opposite since her resin body is more monstrous than her human one.

      I'll see if I can dig up some pics. :)

      And I know @Sadomina has quite a few funky hybrids, including her girl Sirin, who's on a skeleton bird body: Sirin
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    3. I've never done anything like that, but I love the idea. It makes me think of those drawing projects where two different artists (usually an adult and a child) will separately draw the head and the body of a given creature without consulting the other. It really brings up endless, completely unique possibilities!
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    4. Yes! I've got Levi, a Dust of Dolls Krotzilla Kete faceplate with an esthy faceup, kindly gifted to me by my best friend who is on a crocheted body she also made for me! He's wearing a pastel godzilla kigurumi so it's hard to notice something is off about him! xD he's more dino than human :P
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    5. I saw someone on instagram who made soft bodies for pukifee heads that were really cute. I know I have also seen someone make a broach with a pukifee faceplate once. I think it was part of a giveway one instagram...
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    6. This happened to me! Now, I should preface this by saying that I always do my level best not to have floating heads if at all possible. They cause me no end of angst, worrying about their need for bodies. But last year I’d just finished paying off my big Luts order from their winter event, and when the package arrived, there were two Senior Delf gift heads in there, complete with CoAs! At first I thought, oh geez, floating heads I don’t need! So of course my initial thought was that I’d immediately put them both up for sale in the marketplace. But then I had an epiphany and thought, hey, they’d make great hat stands for my larger girl’s special hat collection (yes, even my dolls collect...):sweat So my husband and I put our heads together and designed special stands for them to go on, which worked out great. And then of course I thought they’d look even better with a wig, so I started working on wigs for both of them. And then I thought they both needed face-ups! And of course they each needed a name...Millie Milliner and Maddie Hatter. Did I mention floating heads really drive me crazy?:doh They have even developed full-blown characters now as millinery assistants...so the joke’s on me!

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