Unconventional Bodies - Floating heads gone rogue?

May 16, 2019

    1. I asked this on a Facebook doll group, but I would like to cast this question out here.

      Not talking hybrids really, but has anyone taken a head and gone with a non-standard body? Making them less than human as it were.

      If so, I would love to see your examples. Thanks!
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    2. Way back in the day, for my second doll who was just a floating head when I got him, my mom made me a felt body to keep him on. It had really long legs and ended up getting referred to as "the pretzel body" cause you could tie its legs in a knot. XD
      I've also had a head on a 1/4 scale plastic skeleton I got at Walmart. That head was on that for years (post being on the pretzel heheh).
      And my girl Dacchan uses a Frightfully Tall Monster High body as a human body since her normal resin one is a doll chateau k-13 skeleton centaur body. So this is kind of opposite since her resin body is more monstrous than her human one.

      I'll see if I can dig up some pics. :)

      And I know @Sadomina has quite a few funky hybrids, including her girl Sirin, who's on a skeleton bird body: Sirin
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    3. I've never done anything like that, but I love the idea. It makes me think of those drawing projects where two different artists (usually an adult and a child) will separately draw the head and the body of a given creature without consulting the other. It really brings up endless, completely unique possibilities!
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    4. Yes! I've got Levi, a Dust of Dolls Krotzilla Kete faceplate with an esthy faceup, kindly gifted to me by my best friend who is on a crocheted body she also made for me! He's wearing a pastel godzilla kigurumi so it's hard to notice something is off about him! xD he's more dino than human :P
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    5. I saw someone on instagram who made soft bodies for pukifee heads that were really cute. I know I have also seen someone make a broach with a pukifee faceplate once. I think it was part of a giveway one instagram...
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