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Unconventional face-ups: to do, or not to do?

Feb 13, 2017

    1. So I've been eyeing DikaDoll's Lethe (warning: face-up has a little blood) for a while now, and I'm itching to click that buy button... But I can't decide how I'd want the face-up!

      What attracted me to him first was the unconventional face-up. But I'm wondering if it's a good idea to go with it, because that face-up won't match every scenario that I'd come up with - like, say, if I wanted to do a scene where he gets married or whatever, it would look very silly if he had all of that blood on his face!

      Do you guys have any dolls with unconventional face-ups that you're very happy you have? Or do you have ones that you wish had a more normalized face-up? Pics if you have them! Hopefully your guys' stories will help me decide :nosebleed
    2. I don't have a story, but I have to say that the face-up in the picture is absolutely beautiful! It's the eyebrows that I'm loving!
      My DC Isabel has a slightly unusual face-up, and it does make her hard to photograph, but what she does do, she does excellently. I guess you just have to go with what they have and love it, even if it lacks a little flexibility xD
    3. Yes! The eyebrows are so good :atremblin

      "What she does do, she does excellently" - that's kind of my sentiment right now! Also - haha I was looking at Isabel just about 10 minutes before making this post :XD: she's beautiful! And also dat body! I guess unconventional bodies would be an entirely different thread, haha :aheartbea
    4. Ho-boy! That body! The pain of finding clothes is so real it's almost physical! I guess it depends how much you love his face. Is it enough that you could stand him being a bachelor all his life? The dark, horror-ish photos would be astounding, but he probably wont be in to comedy..
    5. You could always get him without a faceup and get one done that is like that one but more toned down....

    6. I know exactly how you feel!! It was love at first sight for me with Loong Soul Ghost Lin.

      I find him hauntingly beautiful and I love his look and faceup and all but for the life of me I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing with that tattoo on his face considering my boys are mostly your average human beings. I agree with you that some aspects of face up like blood would be weird in certain scenarios unless you can come up with reasons (or excuses!) for it, like him being too excited to say "I do" that he has to literally bite himself hard to stop himself from screaming out YES! in a wedding lmao. :lol: But of course, sometimes it just doesn't work, like having a full fantasy faceup for a character who's just supposed to be your typical (human) boy-next-door, unless again, excuses (maybe he just happen to be cosplaying?? lmao)

      As for me, if I'm getting the default faceup and I do not like a certain part of it, I'd usually ask to have that part removed if the company accepts requests. But I like Ghost Lin's face up and overall look enough that I'm willing to close one eye and just get him with the full face up. It probably helps that I'm having some changes and overhaul to my harem dolly plan now so I'll figure what to do with the tattoo in due time (or find a reason/excuse for it lolol). I guess in the end, it depends on how much you really like and can accept the face up for the character you're planning to make.

      Good luck with your decision making! Lethe's face up is amazing, I wish I could do eyebrows like that! :o
      #6 Galileo, Feb 13, 2017
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    7. Honestly, I love a good Weird face-up. I own a Ringdoll Mona - you know, the frightening crying sculpt? - and that's a step forward from a faceup (which could always be redone) and honestly I love the variety it lends to my doll shelf. Certainly, a blander face is more versatile, but I'd pick emotional depth and intensity over versatility any day. If you love it, you love it - and you'll love it even if he's then only suitable for Weird Blood Situations!
    8. If it's possible and doesn't cost too much I would probably go for two heads, with one regular and one special face-up.
      Some people actually have more than one head if the character calls for it (and some have OE and sleeping), so why not two heads with different face-ups?:)
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    9. As Ara said two heads can be just as useful if you're stuck on a particular aspect of a face up. I have a bunch of extra heads for some of my dolls just for that reason. I own a doll with a particularly difficult-to-photograph-in-certain-situations sculpt/face up too (he's a RingDoll Norman Dark 2.0: RingDoll ). I utterly adore him, but it just means I need to get a little more creative when photographing him.
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    10. Omg I love that sculpt I've been eyeing her for a good minute, like I can just imagine all the goofy crying sadness photoshoots it brings. Like I wish I could find more sculpts with her emotional depth and detail.
    11. Go with the unconventional faceup if you ask me! If it feels right for the character and you like it then why not? I've done some unconventional faceups in my time and have ended up liking the dolls character more for it. And they are just faceups in the end, if you do ever get sick of the look or decide it's no longer suitable for your doll you can always get it changed!
    12. Great idea!

      The Lethe faceup is gorgeous. But maybe it's the blood your not sure about? You could ask the company to leave the blood off like Galileo suggested and then use water color to paint on the blood when the head arrives. If you don't seal what you've added you can wipe the blood off with water when you tire of the blood and keep the base face up in place.
    13. First,it's a beautiful faceup :D
      I think this particular one wouldn't be so limiting,maybe you can erase the blood with photoshop? Usually I prefer "neutral" face-ups,but this one is so gorgeous!!
    14. Yes! I was actually thinking of doing this! He has a seperate "brother"-ish type sculpt that has a neutral face-up. So that's very do-able! :aheartbea
    15. That would be easy, I actually didn't think of doing that! Thank you for the suggestion :3nodding:
    16. Oh my gosh yessss. I knew exactly which doll you were talking about because that one in particular really stuck in my head. Her face is so great, I love it :D

      And that's very true: I'm certainly liking emotional depth in dolls more and more.
    17. Yesss the eyebrows make me cry happy tears lol.

      The doll you mentioned is cute! I love tattoos on dolls because it makes them that much more unique :kitty2

      And your wedding scenario made me laugh, that was amazing
    18. That smile tho!!

      I love when dolls show teeth, and he's practically all teeth, haha. I can just imagine the amazing scenarios you must come up with.
    19. I'm thinking I agree! His weird face-up is what drew me to him in the first place, so why try to change that, right? :3nodding:
    20. This made me laugh. Comedy would certainly be a bit more difficult, but I could also do scenes with very macabre humor... :aangel:

      And yeah! The finding clothing thing; I was always concerned about that with DC dolls. They're beautiful but their proportions would seem like a nightmare to try and find properly fitted clothes for x_x but I guess that's part of the labor of love, lol.