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Uncooperative Banji legs

Mar 19, 2008

    1. Basically, the problem is this. Issy's legs don't feel like they are quite right. I can't seem to get them to work right. As you can see from the picture below the only way I can get Issy to stand upright is if her feet are crossed. They seem very uncooperative with being manipulated into a sensible standing pose.

      So any clues?

    2. If she is new, she has the newer Banji legs. They are not great but are better than the very first legs. Many people wire Banji's legs with wire, insulated wire, or plain thin white pipe-cleaner. Cut two pieces and slide one into each leg.

      If you bought Banji used then hopefully she does not have the original legs. If so, the original owner should have gotten replacement legs from Dollmore a long time ago. Only the early white-hair and lavender hair (boy) normal skin Banjis and the first week or so of black-hair white-skin Banjis had the old legs. Then all after that had the new legs. Dollmore offered to replace those (owners payed shipping or had them shipped in someone else's order for free).

      How to tell the difference:

      With the original legs the top edge of the lower leg had a totally even recessed area around the top edge. The improved lower leg's top edge rises a bit in the back of the top edge.

    3. I'm not an expert at all but a tiny I adopted had had her legs and body wired with pipe cleaner, so I then wired another tiny I have and it makes all the difference. I bought the thinnest pipecleaners I could find from Hobbycraft and just poked them through! Good luck, hope you manage to sort her out, she looks very uncomfortable standing like that...

      The other option is take her along to a doll fair where there are bjd stands and ask them to check her out. I know there are bjd stands at Kelham Fair in Notts and at Peterborough.
    4. ahhhh curse of the Banji crazy leg
      #Wire as KayJay said ...then
      I used the hot glue suedeing tip ...using a cocktail stick to spread the glue on the joint , let it dry
      I did his waist too ...best thing I ever did
      no more crazy Banji
    5. tinybear - probably a bit of a silly question (sorry :doh) but when you have put a bit of glue on the joint, I'm presuming you have to hold the joint open somehow until the glue dries? How do you do this??
    6. Hot gleu dries so fast it's only a mater of seconds befor it's dry so you don't have to leave the joint open for long ;) i normaly hold the joints with one hand and gleu with the other.
      Or you could unstring here ofcourse but well i never did that :P
    7. Issy would like to thank you all for your advice and tips. Haven't had to resort to the glue gun just yet, but I pulling the joints apart I noticed the strings where twisted so I straightened them. Mini pipe cleaners are on order though because I seem to have run out of them in my craft chest.

    8. Thanks for that link - hemostats definitely going to be on order

      Another silly question, hope noone minds, but what's the difference between hot glue and normal glue??

      And Issy looks much better now she isn't twisted :)
    9. I havent tried it with cold glue

      I did try it with silicone glue ...I wasnt too happy with the results
      hot glue leaves the surface with a very rubber feeling surface ...I presume its that friction that helps the joints to stop slipping
    10. Hot glue requires heat to become an adhesive. This allows it to quickly set the moment it leaves the heat source as it cools on contact with normal room temperature.

    11. Thankyou :) Another thing to add to the ever-growing list of stuff to buy!!
    12. when I use it for tinys ...I put the glue onto a plate ...then use a stick ...or something like to spread the Glue ...it is very hot ...and I have fallen pray many times to bad burns from them so be careful