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Undies and crocs, more strapya goodies!

Apr 6, 2008

    1. I saw these on Strapya today and thought, Minnies!
    2. Oh my goodness! those are cute for minis :)
      I hope someone tries them out and shows us if they're good or not.
      Cellphone charms/keychain goodies are great for msds :)
    3. the shoes look to all be for the same foot though?
    4. hmm... saw the undies & slipper before but just wonder whether will they fit unoa & yo-sd size
    5. I hadn't found this site before - thank you!
    6. I found Crocs on keychains at Ardene:



      Only left feet, though, and they are YoSD sized. I've seen blue, pink, orange aaaaand.... purple ones.
    7. You could re-shape them? If you dipped the Crocs into a dish of boiling water very gently, it will soften the plastic and if you make a foot-shaped mould and put it inside them, the Crocs should harden to the same shape as the mould.

      The only other option would be to mould your own Crocs out of Sculpey or Fimo modelling clay. It hardens at a low temperature in the oven, you bake it for 30 minutes, wait for it to cool and voila instant moulded stuff :)

      I was thinking of making espadrilles for my Soulkid for the spring and summer and the sole is going to be fimo clay moulded into a plaform the same shape as her feet with small rope or ribbon wrapped around the clay and material straps sewn on to the ribbons. If it goes well I'll post a pic.
    8. these are so cute!!!
    9. I. Need. Those. Moc Crocs! :aeyepop:
    10. I bought some a little different on ebay that were for MSD size but they are both left feet. They even came with a jibit in them
    11. How cute! Though I despise crocs. XD
    12. I'd be wary of using Fimo or Sculpey for making doll shoes. I've had problems with the clay staining light surfaces even after it's been baked. There should be some way to seal it so it won't stain... but I'm not sure what you could use.
    13. has anyone had staining issues with Model Magic?
    14. Ah...no...but then I only use white Model Magic just to be safe....It paints well so I'm not that interested in colours, sorry...
    15. My plan was to use a light colour Fimo, probably white, and cover it with cotton cloth anyway, before wrapping it with rope fibres for the espadrille look.

      Fimo can be sealed with most varnishes.
    16. the bra and panties are cute, does any one know if they fit yet?