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Unexpected BJD Sightings

Jun 29, 2010

    1. I don't know if this is thread already or not but if so then Mods, please feel free to remove it!

      Anyways, today I was at work. I work in Customer service at a grocery store. Two girls came up and one was holding a BJD (I had never seen her at a meet). I was like "Nice doll. I have some BJDs too!" She didn't say much but yeah it was weird.

      It was totally unexpected, but nice to see! Have you ever experienced a totally unexpected BJD sightings? Lets hear your stories!!:aheartbea
    2. This happened a while ago, I knew of BJDs but hadn't yet fully considered buying one for myself because I found so much I wanted and couldn't decide.

      Anyhow, I work in a bookstore and two girls were carrying a bjd each. I had actually passed by a few times looking from a distance.. Before I finally approached to admire. She told me about the Winnipeg community LJ, and meets. She also directed me to the dealer I bought my two dolls from.

      I was surprised to see them in my work place as well, but I'm glad I had. :)
    3. I have never seen one in real life. But it would totally make my day if I did! I'd probably stalk the person just so that I can say, 'You have a BJD! Can I hold it?!' Because that's so what I would do!
    4. A girl came into my shop last summer(?) holding a Shiwoo, turns out she was a visiting DoA member who was good friends with another girl who I split my second doll with. I've also heard from co-workers who know about my dolls about two other occasions BJDs have been brought into my shop. Small world.
    5. I was at a large public garden. There was a young woman there taking pictures of different dolls in different poses. My daughters were with me and wondered what she was doing. So did I!! That was several years ago. Now I totally understand!! Wish I would see her again & I would definitely approach her! I was too afraid my little ones would mess up her obviously $$ dolls! LOL
    6. I seem to cause sightings! I take at least one doll with me everywhere I go.
    7. Aw, I've only seen dolls in person at meets and cons (well, and, y'know, the house). Once, though, I noticed someone in a non-doll related LJ comm I was in had a doll as their icon. I couldn't recognize the sculpt, but he was gorgeous.

    8. I've only seen dolls at anime conventions myself, but I'd love to see them unexpectedly! When I get my first doll I hope to take him out a bit to give people the same type of sightings, just because for a doll lover, I'd be a real treat! (And fun for me. xD)
    9. Not exactly a sighting, but I was at a fabric store and the young lady cutting my fabric was asking me what I was using the fabric for, and enginesoftime and I were telling her they were doll clothes. The first thing she guesses is "Oh, for ball joint dolls?" :D
    10. Aw! It's not happened to me, but I would be so happy to see another doll-owner out and about with their doll! I would for sure stop and say hello! :) I wish I could take out my own dolls more often myself... though they're a bit awkward being 60cm size, and it's just not appropriate to take them everywhere ;_;
    11. Wow! I'm surprised she guessed it right away! Thats awesome though. I thought the world of BJDs was very small but it seems that lots of people know about them!
    12. Something similar happened to me while in a fabric store. I was hoping to colour match some suede to Jaiseki's skin tone for his tail (I managed to do that!) and had brought his head cap with me and the girl cutting the fabric for me saw it and asked what sculpt I had.
    13. I didnt meet anyone with dolls, but I saw a gift bag with a volks doll printed on it ôo i was suprised!
    14. It's not happened to me yet but if I do come across a BJD owner with her/his BJD, I'll be sure to go up and say hi =)
    15. It happened to me once!
      We were in a shopping mall and saw two girls with BJDs, we talked to them and whoa, they knew me from our forum and my blog!! XDDD
    16. Yeah! In the Chicago airport. I was there waiting for my flight to Japan and I met a girl who had just gotten back from there. She had a Volks that she had gotten from the Mandarake store in Shibuya. It was a little damaged, but it was still a doll. So I whipped out my carry-on (RS Mei and a puki) and we talked for awhile about dolls. I wish I had gotten her info though.
    17. Aww, I've never seen BJD meets outside of conventions! I want to meet some local doll people~~~~
    18. I was browsing the dpa/picture alliance archive (dpa is a news agency) for pictures for an article about anime/manga today at work. Well, what do I see? In a photo series of cosplayers, a BJD, sitting in a basket, titled "manga doll". *lol* I'm sure someone more familiar with all the BJDs out there could even have told what sculpt it was. :) All I could see was that it was an elf.
    19. Maaan, it would be so awesome if something happened here in rinky-dinky Boring Green...
    20. I had a sighting at a concert I was attending. I was in line for Abney Park, and a woman a couple places ahead of me had a MiniFee Lishe. We were both pretty shy, so we didn't talk much, but it was still pretty cool.