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Unexpected Dollies!!

Jul 25, 2011

    1. Example first, then question. If this is a duplicate please feel free to remove. If it is in the wrong location please feel free to shift it!

      SO! I've ordered my first MSD, an Iplehouse Tatiana. I had to take the layaway option, so it took me two months to pay her off. Every day afterwards, I would check to see if she shipped yet. Sadly, after a week, still nothing. ( I ordered her on old body so she was pre-made and part of a promotion, hence the expected short wait)
      Suddenly, I see a notice on the site saying shipping completed! I leap to my email, grab my tracking number, and pull up Canada post.
      To my utter amazement, she is in my province, and just hit customs today! IM SO EXCITED.

      Have you ever gotten a surprise dolly? either you forgot to check the tracking, or it was never provided, and showed up way before you expected it to? or perhaps someone bought you one without telling you, and suddenly you get a box in the post? please share your stories!
    2. Well when I first got Ryo, I expected it to not only take over 30 days for making, but 20 days for shipping because my only experience with shipping had been between US -> Canada and UK -> Canada. So when he showed up at my house about 10 days after I ordered him... Well I was surprised. XD
    3. Well, it wasn't as much of a surprise since I refreshed his tracking page almost excessively, but I ordered Memnoch from Mint on Card when he was in stock, and since I don't live that far away from Mint on Card, it only took him two days to make it, so I was super excited when he came, and kind of surprised, even though he was in stock.
    4. My dolly had no tracking... but after a terrible day I decided to go for a walk and something just drew me to the post office. Checked in and wow! That was one big parcel! And heavy too! I then had to walk back in the rain with a large parcel carefully tucked away... It was a surpise, like Marcus new I was upset and came to cheer me up. ;)
    5. This has happened to me as well. Tracking stopped as soon as the package cleared foreign customs and I had no clue where my doll was until the postman came knocking at my door. Suddenly all the tracking information showed up on both USPS and EMS sites after I signed for it.
    6. I've just taken delivery of a Lati Yellow today - one day earlier than expected. No big deal perhaps, but I'm working from home today so was here to snatch the parcel from the delivery guy and it saved me a trip to the delivery office because I most likely would have been at work had it arrived any other time. So, it was a fantastic surprise and she is now sitting on my desk, watching me as I type. (I'm also doubly excited as she is my first Lati and my first BJD!!!)_
    7. This did happen to me once! I had ordered my fourth doll, a B&G Sapphira, from the same dealer on ebay I'd ordered my second doll from. It took much longer to get the Sapphira than the other one, so when I finally got a shipping notice one Friday I was ecstatic. The very next day I was expecting my roommate's first doll who had, for some reason I forget, been over-nighted from DDE. I ran down to get the doll when the doorbell rang and was totally shocked to find not only an Elfdoll Lydia but my Sapphira as well! Apparently I got my shipping notice a full week after he'd been shipped XD Personally I prefer it that way lol it was like the shortest wait ever!

      Well, almost ever. I've been lucky enough to have two dolls at two separate times get shipped from Dollmore two days after ordering. that was pretty unexpected as well. I also had a doll ship from Soom 5 days after ordering. I thought I had all this time to get ready, and then there he was! Unexpected dolls are the best! Now if only my Saint would just show up at my front door....
    8. Yep!! Dollmore didn't send me the tracking number at all and I'd posted on their Q&A to ask about my twins (DM Pado's) since they shouldn't be taking as long the Dollpire since I didn't order any faceup or anything.

      They told me they were already shipped and gave me the tracking. After getting tracking number learned they were in the city that very day and got them a few hours later.

      I was pleasantly surprised and very happy. :D
    9. This happened to me when I bought Gabriel I checked the tracking information religiously... but it stopped updating after she got through customs.

      Then, I came home after my morning class and the delivery man pulled into my driveway as I was walking to my house and I signed for my doll right then and there! :)

      That was a great start to my day.
    10. This kind of happened to me recently. Leekeworld shipped a doll without contacting me and I hadn't checked my order status recently. The doll arrived at my parents' house and I got a confused call from my dad about a package from Korea. (He had assumed it was a doll, but I usually let my parents know in advance if I have something shipped to their house.) A week later, I still don't have my doll, but at least I know she arrived safely!
    11. Granted I ordered from Junkyspot, a site in the same country as me, but I was still surprised that it took only a week for my boy to arrive home. I was expecting a wait thinking they had to order him from Dollzone, which would have made the wait a month or so long. But nope! It was like magick, he was in my possession in no time at all. :D
    12. My tan Gena arrived without any fanfare or shipping notice less than a week after I got payment confirmation from Soom. I was shocked when I heard the mailman ring my door and show me a doll-sized package.
    13. I will never forget the arrival of my Bambicrony Cookie elf. This was her first release, when she was considered limited. Bambicrony was notorious for long waits when they ran events so I was expecting a two month wait at the very least. After one week I had a weird feeling and logged into check my status. She'd shipped days two days before and was due to arrive the following day, the day before I left on vacation. I managed to catch the postman (he likes to leave "missed you" slips without getting out of the truck) and my vacation proceeded normally. It was a stressed two days, though.
    14. I won a doll this weekend (an off-topic Goodreau Gulli), which was a total shock. Made my day.

      When I bought my first BJD, a Volks Emma, my friend I bought her from have me a head she didn't want. I actually love the head (B&G Natalia) more than Emma and so I play with her much more.
    15. Aric, my Little Monica Dyuke arrived long before I expected him to. He actually arrived within 5 days of my placing my order, from Korea. I hadn't received an email about shipping or anything. The company was fairly new and of course I was expecting a 30-45 day wait like with any of my other dolls. I was shocked when the EMS agent rang my doorbell early one morning with a huge package!

      Ritsuka was completely unexpected. He was a gift from friends for Christmas. I guess hubby was in on this planning but I had no idea it was happening. Just "Surprise" My friends are amazing.
    16. Happened with my AE Solstice last week.

      I know that MOC ships out super fast so I kinda sorta expected her to come in fast. The box was dropped off early enough that it could have been in transport that day. However the tracking was only updated ONCE, when the package was dropped off at the post office. So kept checking and I finally sent out an e-mail to make sure it wasn't just sitting around in the post office. Figures... sent out the email and that day I got a notice that I had an insured package waiting for me.
    17. I didn't expect my little Cassie to arrive as fast as she did. She's a limited full-set doll. Now, I expected to have to wait for at least two months until she was shipped. However, they shipped her the very day after I had paid for her. Obviously, they had the limited full-sets in stock ... It was really unexpected to receive her in October instead of December! *lol*
    18. This happened with Zan's head. I ordered his head and body separately, but asked Luts if they could ship his head with his body if it wasn't too late to do so. Luts said that they would ship his head with his body.

      One day I was coming home from school and saw the Canada Post truck in my driveway. I wasn't expecting anything, since Zan was the only thing I had ordered at the time, but his head had arrived! xD Poor guy had to sit in his box for a month until his body showed up. lol I didn't get a shipping notice for his head either.
    19. I've had that happen with both my heads. For Sophie I stopped checking tracking, assuming she'd be here on a Saturday, and to my surprise, she arrived the day before. It was only a day, but you know any shortening of the wait is amazing. Lol

      It also happened with Maren- I expected four or five days minimum - I figured a Monday was most likely, and then she arrive on Thursday! It was super exciting. ^_^

      Both my heads were bought second hand though. I've yet to experience the company waiting period. <W<;
    20. Honestly, my Soom Ender was a surprise doll. I obsessively calculated how long I'd have to wait before I saw a shipping notice. I calculated the week of May 23 before the first set were shipped out. I received a shipping notice two weeks early by my calculations. Two days after I got my shipping notice, he arrived. I was expecting another two days.