Unexpected twins?

Mar 2, 2021

    1. Hello!

      I collect many other dolls than just BJDs. Mainly, I collect Tonner dolls and Integrity Toys dolls- and I noticed that my favorite vinyl dolls have a lot in common with my favorite BJDs! I'll show you what I mean:

      My all-time favorite BJD is Zaya by Natalia Loseva, but a close second is Tonner's resin Lady G doll. I was looking at them together and noticed they really have similar faces!

      (I absolutely am NOT suggesting any plagiarism here. This is a comment on my own taste and the dolls I gravitate towards, and my musings on why I like the dolls I do.)

      (Zaya's both photos on the right; Lady G is the left. Photos taken from a Google search.)

      They have the same innocent look, and similar round faces! I love both these sculpts so so much, and although I'd love to own Zaya someday, after noticing this, perhaps I'll be able to be content with a repainted Lady G.

      But that's not all! I compared Zaya to Cami, the vinyl resized version of the Lady G sculpt, and Cinderella, the vinyl version of Lady G to see if it was just my imagination. After looking at these pictures; I don't think it is. Do you? They very much look similar to me, which raises the question of my taste. Do I seek out dolls with similar features subconsciously? It seems I do. Do you guys think you do so?
      (Cami with inset eyes and Zaya)

      (Cami with painted eyes and Zaya)

      (Zaya and the original Cinderella vinyl mold)

      Zaya's not the only doll that I've found mirrors another face on my want-to-buy vinyl doll list. Yuy, Yoko, and Rebekka by Natalia Loseva have their own similar vinyl friends!
      (Yoko and Tonner's 'Memoirs of a Geisha' doll; I'll admit the resemblance is less than I originally thought :))
      (Yoko actually reminds me more of Evangeline Ghastly!)

      (Yuy and Mei Li)

      Yuy also seems to resemble Cami with certain faceups, though, which makes me feel like I'm imagining things again in terms of resemblance. Although I have always thought Zaya and Yuy would make good sisters, so I'm not sure. It does reinforce my belief that I like similar features though, especially in terms of faceups.

      Rebekka looks a bit like another Tonner favorite of mine:
      (Rebekka and Daphne)

      Anna and Euphemia look most alike to me:
      But all four of these girls share a family resemblance in my eyes.

      I really tend to like similar faces!

      I'm feeling the need to do some quality repaints to the Tonner dolls, because I feel like the sculpts have a lot of potential after doing these comparisons!

      This last comparison is cool too:

      I own Tulabelle by Integrity Toys (middle) and Dollmore Sara (left), and although this picture doesn't quite capture it, these two also look a bit alike! Raccoon Doll Rosie and Tulabelle could be sisters to me. I hope to someday have them both so I can have a set of sisters!

      Does anyone else find they like different dolls with similar facial features? Why do you think that is? In my case, I feel like it's nostalgia. I've loved the pictured Tonner dolls since I was a kid, and these BJDs seem like high-quality absolutely stunning artistic cousins of them; so I am attracted to their sculpts.

      What're your thoughts on this? Are there any unexpected twins in your collection or vinyl and resin long-lost sisters?

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    2. I most certainly do this. I can totally relate.

      I find constantly that the dolls I gravitate toward and put on my wishlist tend to have similar facial structures, features and eye sizes.

      At a certain point, I was bookmarking so many dolls with slightly open mouth smiles that I had to consciously tell myself to *stop* because there's no way I could actually want to own so many dolls with the same expression... but I like it!

      My personal guess is that part of the reason is we individually have different indicators of relatability in a doll, and for some of us the draw to that relatability comes specifically in the facial structure... so we seek it out because it's kind of comforting.
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    3. I accidentally did this with a friend. The dolls were both from Dollzone, but different sculpts (Mo and Shenxi). Looking at the sculpts straight on they look very different but their profiles are very similar. We even both had brown eyes and long black wigs on them! They ended up being best friends. <3
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    4. I was just musing today on how many dark haired bjds I have, where I've conciously chosen their wigs. Like two shelves full with just a couple of read heads & one blonde. And was chuckling at never having thought about this preference before. In fact, I would have said red heads are my favorite!
      One CPDelf sculpt, I have 4 of the same sculpt, all painted to have a very different style, but I definitely live that sculpt.
      And one Elfdoll sculpt is a favorite where I have 2 nearly identical yet dressed very different dolls of the same sculpt plus 2 other variations on the sculpt which the company made. <3
      I definitely lean towards certain sculpting styles in my BJDs. More realistic than the DDs, but not as realistic as the Iples.
      I have my Elfdoll girls, Migidoll boys, and the old CPDelfs who live in a separate realm.
      I do find it interesting to notice which styles of dolls I prefer when comparing my collection to friends' collections. :)
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    5. Almost every male doll that looks interesting to me shares so many similarities with the facial structure of the one boy doll I currently own that I realized I'm going to end up with endless variations of the same face if I simply buy what does appeal to me at first glance. :sweat
      This is probably the reason why I'm still a single doll owner after almost three years. I already have the very exact thing I like, no need to get another slightly different version of it. :lol:

      It kind of bugs me that my mind obviously tries to trick me into the same stuff over and over again! But I also think it just connects those features with a positive feeling and naturally tries to recreate it with anything that looks similar... ?
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    6. I have to say, I have mixed feelings over this phenomenon! When I just collected play dolls, I prided myself on only have on doll with any given sculpt. The diversity of my play doll collection still makes me really happy! But with collector dolls, I am finding I have this need to buy similar sculpts.

      I think part of it is that I want to play it safe with spending and buy something that I know I'll like, which is good in some cases as it means I likely won't waste money and need to immediately resell. However, if I plan to spend that much, generally I want something very unique and special-- but whenever I see a very 'out there' sculpt, I talk myself out of it out of fear... leading to same-face syndrome in my collection. At least it'll keep me from overbuying dolls in general! The similarities between Lady G and Zaya may save me $1000 too if I can content myself with just Lady G... lol.

      Thank you for your replies and your pictures! I am happy to know that I'm not crazy for wanting 100 variations of the same doll in my collection.

      There's even some similarities between these two dolls of mine- both in style and n their faces!
      I need to weed through my collection; clearly... I've actually tried my best to avoid this issue, and yet here I am!
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    7. @mohnblumendolls I think this was a really cool question. I may be biased in how relatable it felt, but I want to expand based on your comment above too.

      It's my firm belief that hobbies are just so personal, and through introspection, love for ourselves and openness to listening to our own desires, we can utilize our hobbies to bring us so much joy. I think it's easy to fall into a bit of a trap with some of this stuff (especially because it costs a lot of money) where we wonder if the way we are approaching the hobby is the "right" way.... But in the end, the right way for you may purely be about maximizing your own joy. Perhaps the fear you describe of "out there" sculpts is an internal reaction telling you that it's just not right for you. I don't know. Just spit-balling.. but I'm a firm believer in listening to your gut when it comes to questions of happiness.

      Another possibly helpful example from my own life is that I really like this one company that makes ceramic figurines. They're essentially glazed pottery blobs, triangles, rectangles, glasswork and reclaimed bricks... and a lot of the items have these very specific style of expressive eyes printed on them. That's it. ..... And I love them. And I will continue to collect them even though they're in the same types of shapes, the eyes are all some variation of the same design just with slightly different configurations, and they're a little silly.... Because these little dudes just bring me *so much* joy.

      I think there is something very beautifully human about deciding there are things so specific that warm our hearts, and it's a blessing to be able to seek out those specific things, whatever they are for us personally.

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    8. Eye of the beholder and all that - but I'm just not seeing more than vague similarities in most of these comparisons. Some of them, to me, have very little in common other than both being faces. To me the twins analogy is stretching it.

    9. I can see why you thought that. just looking at the pictures triggered my initial sense of 'wait, these are similar' but after looking closer, I began to think I was imagining things as well. So, for a fun experiment, I created a mesh of Zaya and Cami/Cinderella's faces in blender, and compared meshes. Obviously, the vinyl dolls are less defined, as vinyl simply does not pick up molded details the same way resin does, and Tonner dolls are a completely different ballpark in terms of sculpted details anyway.

      And, I'll admit a few are a stretch (I got carried away).... But comparing meshes showed me that yes, actually, there are both shared featured and expressions across these dolls. it is mostly the level of stylization (I might've spelled that wrong, sorry) and the level of exaggeration that is different-- and yes, stylization is a notable difference and has a lot to do with how people perceive similarities. But what I'm talking about is not stylization; it's facial structure, shared features, shared expressions, and over all similarities of the sculpts themselves. I plan on repeating this exercise with the other faces to see how much is my imagination and what is truly similar.