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Unfamiliar with DOD DOC body types ;d

Apr 8, 2008

    1. I'm currently interested in DOC Hoo.
      But I have a few doubts about DOC body types for this boy. I don't know much about anything that goes beyond YoSDs unfortunately, x_X;

      So, I need some guidance to decide.
      Q1a. What are the main differences between default, newbody2 and newbody-longleg?

      Q1b. If the measurements displayed on DOD, DOC Hoo's page are default.
      Would they vary depending on the body type chosen? If so, how much?

      Q2. Which body type looks more in proportion? Cuz I'm not entirely sure if default looks better or the long legged one >_>;

      Q3. Which body type would be the easiest to get DOC/MSD pants to fit perfectly? [regarding butt area and pants' length]

      And I think that's all n________n;
      Any help is appreciated.
    2. Thanks for moving the thread :)
    3. There are pictures in the DOC parts section. Newer bodies are on page 1, earlier bodies on page 2:


      In case you don't notice, the girl and boy New Body 2 are double-jointed (and the girl's New Body 2 is mature).

      The long legged boy is just like the old boy body but taller due to longer legs. Their measurements are identical except for that. Here are the measurements for old boy body + long-legged difference, followed by the old girl body measurements. (note - The boy measurements are in inches - if you need to convert change fractions to decimal then multiply by 2.54 to get cm.)

      Girl's mature New Body 2 measurements:

      I have never seen measurements for the boy's double-jointed New Body 2.

      I don't know anything more about the bodies.

    4. Ah, I see. I'm just hoping to see some comparison pictures instead of the individual ones. Cuz I did check those images.

      Would you happen to know if the outfits that are sold by BJD companies for DOC/MSD would fit the long-legged type? I don't want the normal DOC/MSD pants to look a little shorter on the long-legged type while they fit perfectly for default/or newbody2 if you know what I mean. I hope I'm explaining myself well here x_X;


      Thanks for the links! n_n
    5. Dollmore slacks supposedly are long enough for DOC long-legged boys. Many Dollmore slacks look baggy in the ankle on their own dolls. Sorry - that's all I know.

    6. Oh cool. Thanks a lot Carolyn! n______________n
    7. Dollmore pants fit long-legged MSDs really well. My DOC has shorter legs, but my DZs legs are long, and Dollmore pants fit them really well. I haven't been able to find other pants that fit them well though. ;-;
    8. Ah, interesting. That's what I'm worried about, that long-legged ones will have like, less choices on where to get pants from x_X;

      Your DOC who I assume has default/newbody2, doesn't have any problems with normal DOC/MSD pants right? n_n

      Cuz I'm trying to decide between those and long-legged ;d