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Unfinished kits in AR, 200$ :-O

Jul 24, 2005

    1. Talk about good timing. I'm going to have to beg mom to pay half/most for a Ren girl/something else since my birthday is in October. Although, what exactly do they mean by "unfinished"?
    2. yep i saw this a few days ago and order a Ren Girl...hee oops there goes my savings again
    3. Unfinished kits are unstrung, no make-up, no wigs, and no eyes. Though, AR said that they're going to choose 10 at random to paint.
    4. Maybe it's just me being stupid, but I don't quite get this part ... What exactly do they mean by:

      "- It is limited for 50 dolls / We'll choose 10 heads at random and send it with the 'basic kit' makeup."

      - That you can not order more than 50 dolls at once, or that they are only going to sell 50 dolls as "unfinished" total?

      EDIT: Ok, so I only noticed the dates now. I guess that explains some of what I was wondering. Sorry!
    5. Ooh. My Mom loves to sew; she bought my old Rio from me, and I'd been thinking about getting her an MSD-sized doll. At this price an LF will make a good Christmas/Birthday present. ^__^
    6. ...damn...Kai at a price I could definately handle, and of course I don't have that much. Curses!

      Looks like there will be two funds I won't touch...the Cecile head fund...and the unfinished kit Kai fund...they'll offer him as a kit again...the question is just when...lol

      But really $200 for an msd sized kit...and what was it, $380 for an sd size...omg wow.
    7. Dude....a MSD sized doll at a price I could actually afford....

      The Ami sculpt is really quite pretty, I wouldn't mind having her.

      *checks Paypal account - only $70 - dang*
    8. Both are out of stock already. Sorry I missed it.

    9. *clenches jaw*

      F you, payday.
    10. good luck to everyone! i convinced my friend to finally buy her first BJD, an angelica boy which (yay) im going to put together and paint for her since shes going to be living in the same state as me once i move up in a week :D
    11. My sentiments exactly. Curses! My Kai plans are foiled again!


    12. Ugh, I could just PUKE. *shakes fist at AR & money & payday and the painfully GONE ufk's* CURSE YOU!!!
    13. D'oh! And I was thisclose to actually being able to get a Kai.

      Oh well, hopefully they'll do another run next year, right? Right? *puppydog eyes*
    14. :cry: ....Nooooo! *crushed*

      Anyone know how often they do these...? Is it really only once a year? @_@
    15. Well, it was in January (?) that they had LF unfinished kits, saying they'd be gone 'till next year, so...

      I, personally, am relieved. No more debating if I ought to get a Diana boy, 'cause it's not even an option any more.
    16. I just checked the website again and was able to order one kit. I swear the last time I looked there was a sold out button! So I guess keep checking back. Maybe someone dropped their order?


      Just looked and it seems that there are 5 kits left.
    17. I was just able to order a kit, too.
      Maybe some are much more popular than others?

      I ordered the little fair girls' body, with a Cien head. I'm so glad I found out about the sale! To get the doll, wig, and shipping from Asia all for under $300. is amazing!

    18. I know. that's why i had to jump on getting one. I always wanted a Ren Girl but i didn't think I would be purchasing her so quickly. now i have to go get her some things because i dont have a MSD size doll so i have nothing for her!!!
    19. I hear that! I was in the same situation when I won Unoas on YJP. I've since gotten a few items.

      Bottom line, I want more... always more, more, more with these guys! Demanding bunch... :roll: