Uni Tiny "Cupi" Angel Edition

Mar 21, 2007

    1. It is so adorable with those sad little eyes! It looks like UH-17's little brother. Oh I love Unidoll... <Must save!>
    2. I love the faceup :)
    3. So cute! Does anyone know if the Tiny's are anatomically correct, I can't tell from the Unidoll pictures. I also saw that Unidoll takes a layaway....
    4. It might be all the naked pictures covers the privates on them

      I'm still waiting on owner's pictures from the February order to see if I want one of these tinies. Either way no new dolls until after June. I'm so excited I'm getting a Tenshi
    5. I bet you are excited! Yes, I am waiting for owners pictures, too. But those boy/girl bodies really do look alike, but don't know why the modesty unless they really do have "parts"? Guess I have to wait (Impatiently) for owner pics!
    6. I'm super excited on the Mamu doll. Not super excited to get the cc bill this month though, lol. On topic the unidolls do look rather alike body wise the modesty suggest "parts" The one part torso body structure suggests asexual
    7. I love the sad little face; it kind of reminds me of Secretdoll Yomo. (I love Yomo.)
    8. Eeeeee! So cute! I want one of the unidoll tinies and I love the new one! Yes, definitely reminds me of Yomo, and I adore Yomo. :)
    9. I just got my Cupi yesterday, but since my camera is with my parents in Rome, you'll have to wait for the pictures for a while.

      Yes, Unidoll Tiny (at least the boy) is anatomically correct, a cute little thingy in there. I totally love him. :)
    10. Oooh, thanks so much for that answer--I am glad I didn't order Cupi thinking to make him a her, then! But I am so anxious to see your RL Cupi. Tell your parents to hurry home with that camera!:lol:
    11. Mazikeen: Congrats I can't wait to see pictures especially of the face. I'm curious how the eyes fit in the socket
    12. Toydogz4: It's really small, though, so I dont think it would be a big trouble to sand it off. The only problem I'm having with his body is that he doesnt have the waist joint. Both of my other dolls have it, and I have a bit of trouble posing him. He's also strung amazingly tight.

      And I'll probably get some pictures on Saturday when I go to a meetup.

      Edit: He can wear Barbie/Ken clothes.
    13. I like him ...
      SO MANY lovely tinys comming out lately
    14. He is very sweet, such a cute face <3
    15. Mazikeen: I wanted to verify is he normal resin or french resin?
    16. He is normal resin. I wrote to Unidoll and they confirmed that the Real and Tinies are normal resin. Thank goodness--I don't want another Bambicrony mess!
      And I got my Cupi as a girl, she is very cute, I love her. I am now waiting on delivery of Dede--hope she hurries up!
    17. thanks toydogz4 I'll update the resin listing
    18. Does Cupi's head seem big or is it just me?