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uni Tiny Roy(UHt-06) release

Dec 8, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi everyone~

      We release Roy(UHt-06).
      We hope lots of your interest about him.

      And we lower the price because high exchange rate of the dollar.
      We lower the price only temporary. We might sell regular price very soon.

      Product title : Roy(UHt-06)

      Head : UHt - 06 ( Creator : Krsna @ Project Raurencio)
      Body : UBt - 01 ( Tiny Boy Body )
      Wig : Default wig(Random)
      Eyes : 14mm glass eyes (Random Color)
      - Special Makeup : +$35
      - Outfit : +$125
      - Shoes : +$24

      Price : USD 250

      When to buy : Dec. 8th 2008

      Where to buy : Unidoll Website ( http://www.unidoll.com/ )
    2. I can't get the Unidoll site to load at all. I keep getting the "server not found" error.
    3. Haneino Tsukiko
      Sometimes it's very difficult to get on Unidoll's website. I think it may because of internet connection or something..
      anyway, I upload Roy's picture to tinypic website. you should be able to see the pictures now :)