Unidentified BJD auctions on eBay

Feb 25, 2020

    1. Has anyone else seen all these auctions from a seller named (removed) with low quality pictures of unidentified bjds? I am curious if anyone can identify them? I also find it odd how someone is selling all these dolls and doesn’t know what they are (see descriptions) other than they are bjds.
    2. General rule of thumb; if it appears too good to be true, it likely is.

      In my opinion, no one would list dolls without any sort of name or description. I would steer clear without provenance.

      If you ever have questions about the legitimacy of a doll, feel free to post in the Ask the Moderators section! That way, in the worst case scenario, people aren't inadvertently routed to recast sales.
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    3. If you really like the doll(s) they are selling, you should ask them for proofs of authentication. I'm sure if the dolls are legit, they will be able to provide you that info without any problem. If they are unable to do so, then it is not wise to bid or purchase these items.
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    4. I know there was a recent listing of many dolls that were supposedly donated to Goodwill, perhaps some of these are from that lot but not sure, I may ask the seller if they came with any papers or boxes and maybe a pic of the inside of the headcaps as well. I'd be interested to know if any of them are legit myself.
    5. I believe I know the lots you're talking about, and as they appeared to be largely comprised of Fairyland dolls...I would be very dubious as to the dolls' legitimacy, since that's a very VERY often counterfeited company.
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    6. I saw those dolls too and some of them I can say for certain are legit. There's a few Luts dolls, at least 1 with company faceup (though I think it's an event head). At least one more is a Luts body with a different head (though I can't verify if the body is legit just off the pics). One has an IOS head and the gold emblem in the head is shown in the photo just as a legit head should have (I don't know about the body). A couple of them look to be Migidoll heads. I cannot say for certain that they are all legit but I can say for certain that SOME of them are.

      As with all ebay doll shopping, always be cautious. If you're interested in a doll, maybe message the seller to provide for photos of specific things to look for that the legit company would have. Those specific listings say that the seller does not know anything about the dolls. Even if they do not know info on them, they could at least provide you pictures.
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    7. Please be careful when posting about dolls that might be counterfeit. I do agree that some of the faceups appear to be default company, those are sometimes copied as well. And the photos are not very clear.

      If this person is selling recasts @Anayari, then having you name the person selling them on Ebay puts your account in jeopardy. I have removed the Ebay seller's name from your post. The only safe place to ask about the legitimacy of dolls out in the wild is in Ask the Mods.

      Unlike the recent case with dolls being sold on Goodwill to benefit charity, these are being sold for personal profit. They could still be recasts or even stolen goods. We just don't know.
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