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Unidoll Christmas event Nov 20th- Dec 20th

Nov 17, 2007

    1. Unidoll 2007 Winter Event
      Dear Valued customer,

      We will sell Tiny Winter edition set for one month only (11.20 - 12.20)
      And also We will sell Real Head and Body separately for one month (11.20 - 12.20)
      Please see our website for this Winter event.

      Tiny Elf type 2007 Winter Edition

      Cupi Elf Dede Elf Pring Elf Pibi Elf
      Winter makeup
      Winter 2007 Edition [Red & White] Set
      $500 $500 $520 $500
      1st shipping 2007.12.15 (Order till 2007.12.14)

      Jace Head Ark Head Feanor Head Real body
      $120 $150 $150 $530
      Event period : Nov. 20th 00:00 (GMT) 2007 ~ Dec. 20th. 2007

      Where to buy : Unidoll Website ( http://www.unidoll.com/ )

      Layaway option (payment method : Only paypal )
      - First pay 30% of total
      - We only can hold your order for 4 weeks(till 2007.12.20)
      - Please write LAYAWAY at Request Msg on order page.

      Now you can use Credit card at our website.
      - : Visa,Master,JCB, Diners, Amex
    2. The banner behind that countdown has a photo of a smaller doll...

      ...with elf ears!
    3. It's the release of the Christmas Elf 2007 Winter Event! ^__^ 4 different tiny elves with winter clothing. ^__^
      Event Runs: Nov. 20th 00:00 (GMT) 2007 ~ Dec. 20th. 2007
      Cupi Elf, Dede Elf, Pring Elf, and Pibi Elf

      Also, for Winter only, Unidoll is offering Uni-real head and body seperately! ^__^
    4. All the tiny elves are actually fullsets- they include the faceup, wig and clothes ( not the shoes however, those are extra), so they're a pretty good deal.

      Oh - and you can also choose the gender, at no extra charge.

      They're now up at our site too ( http://www.featherfall.ca ) - though keep in mind the pre-order ( for both the Xmas elves and the separate Unidoll parts) will only begin on Nov. 20th.

      As a note - Featherfall will be sending in our order on December 5th, not on the 14th - do if you're planning to order from us, please do so by that date.
    5. Tiny Elf type sale only event.

      Don't miss this event~~ ^^