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Unidoll girl - UH-13

May 29, 2006

    1. THat is a very unique look. Are you going to get her??
    2. Wow, she reminds me of royalty! XD Very unique looking *nodnod*
    3. Wow! She's lovely! I didn't care for that picture of her with the headdress on, but without it, she's AMAZING. Mmmmm....!!
    4. I agree with Darkwood. She has a different look without the headdress that I like.
    5. She is SO beautiful . . . I'm actually in the middle of working on some sales so that she can perhaps come home to me :D

      Do you by any chance have any photographs of the girl hands? Are the fingers separated? It's hard to see them in the promo images . . . I'd love to get a better look.

      She's just incredible . . . I'm in love!

      -- Andi <3
    6. She looks like an adult version of Soulkid Sweeney.
    7. wow!! She is beautiful!! When can I get one of these doll?? I am still new to BJD
    8. http://www.unidoll.com

      She's #13 :>

      -- Andi <3
    9. She has a Claire Danes look to her. Chubbier in the face, and certainly not identical. I like her eyes and lips a lot.


      Good heavens! I just checked their site, and who the heck is UH-08?! I need a cold shower now.

      (09's lips are very nicely shaped too)

      Ooooohh.... they have nice bodies too, from what I've seen so far.
    10. She is so pretty. It took me weeks, but I finally figured out which actress she reminded me of! Anna Paquin!


      Very lovely.
    11. I was gonna say Christina Ricci..., she also reminds me of the big Hypermaniac girls.
    12. OH I like her! She seems so mysterious,
    13. she is wounderful. So elgant looking.
    14. I love your choice...I chose UH-21
    15. UH-21 is really gorgeous. The others are nice too, but I like the UH-21 the most.
      I've been at the Unidoll pages many times last 3 weeks and very very close to order her. But I couldn&#8217;t now. :...( And today is the last day for ordering.