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Unidoll High school girl - Bess(UHb-02) release

Nov 13, 2009

    1. Hi everyone~
      Unidoll releases Bess(UHb-02).
      She has new nail hands option.
      I hope lots of your interest about her.
      Thank you.


      Product title : Bess(UHr-02)

      Head : UHb - 02 ( Creator : Artemis @ Unidoll )
      Body : UBb - 01 ( uni Basic girl Body)
      Wig : Random wig
      Eyes : 14mm glass eyes (Random Color)
      - Makeup : $50
      - Outfit : $167
      - Nail hands : $25
      - Ear Piercing : $20

      Price : USD 420

      When to buy : Nov. 14th. 2009 ~

      Where to buy : Unidoll Website ( http://www.unidoll.com/ )

      [Notice] Raising price because exchange rate fluctuations.
    2. I'm so excited! \(^o^)/ I've been waiting for her to come out since I saw her in Roseanne's pictures! :)
      • Will the outfit come with the shoes and guitar?
      • Also, if we buy the special nails can we request/pay extra for nail painting like in the pictures?
      • And is it possible to buy more than one set of the hands?
      • Also when ordering it only gives option for 'basic makeup' is this the makeup in the picture?
      • Or can the pictured makeup be requested?
      Sorry for all the questions! ^_^;;
      Thank you! ^__^

      EDIT: Wee! :XD: I just ordered!
    3. from their website

      Nail hands(+$25)
      Ear Piercing(+$20)

      Head UHb - 02 ( Creator : Artemis @ Unidoll )
      Body UBb - 01 ( Girl Basic Body )
      Wig random
      Eye 14mm glass eyes

      Ear Piercing Only left side 2 holes(Included earring)
      Hands Default hands. Nail hands in photo are option (Not included nail painting)
      Outfits Basic school uniform : Top, Skirt, Ribbon
      Punky Item : T-shirt, Neck band, Necklace, Leather bracelet, Leather gloves, Belt, skeleton ring, Mash stockings
      * Outfits made by PajamaCat