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Unidoll High School line

Aug 12, 2009

    1. I like the looks of this line so far. Seems like a new body and a different look for the face sculpts. I wonder how tall they are? I hope it's no more than 62cm, that would be perfect for me. A tallish SD but not a full blown big girl.
    2. They might even be minis! I went and had a look at the site and couldn't find any hints as to their size. We might even be in the wrong bit of the Forum....gulp.
    3. I think one of the hands looks a lot like the "grabby" hand of my UH-14, so maybe the girl body is a new version of the old UniLimited body. That body didn't have double joints, but is good at taking a pose and looks rather nice. I wouldn't mind seeing a reincarnation of the UniLimited body which is 58 cm, if I remember correctly.
    4. I really like the rock chic! I hope they have her as a basic...
    5. The hands are exactly the same as the old UH female dolls (I have a UH-10 Ruci). She's a short SD size with a slightly smaller waist & chest then my CP girls.
    6. Im Unidoll fanatic, but this kinda look like theyre following Sooms trends of Rosette school and monthly dolls >_<...

      But thats the only resemblance,
      Im curious to see theis faces closer,
      and the first one w/out glasses <3

      sylvian: that would be soo cool if they were MSD size *dreams about Arks daughter LOL*
    7. The first looks quite msd-ish... But of course I could be awfully wrong.
      The second, hope she's a small sd...
    8. The Uni Limited (girls, at least--I've never seen one of the boys in person) are on the small side for "SD"-sized dolls--my UH-13 is really slender and graceful, and a little hard to dress because she's smaller than the fit models most BJD clothing lines use.

      I've been wondering for a while whether Unidoll would re-release the Limited bodies in urethane rather than French resin. If that's what the new High School line is, then they will be smallish, but without actually going all the way down to MSD size.
    9. I would love a Berkhut's daughter as he is definitely coming home this year and I am really getting into mini girls lately. But I don't think he has been as popular as Ark. I would love to see what Ark's daughter looked like :D

      So like a 58cm sort of Supia girl size then? Oh that would be nice. All my SD girls are Amazon 65cm sorts so far.
    10. It would make sense to me if they were SD sized since high school is younger than their 65+cm adult dolls but older than a kid like MSD might imply. 60 is right in the middle. I like the theme and look of them. The first girl fits in well with Unidoll's general look, I think.
    11. I really like the first girl they put up! Something about her lips appeals to me. But the last thing I need is more dolls to want! *sigh*

      It will be interesting to see their size. I think they will be larger, 58cm or so. Although it would be great if Uni DID do some MSDs, I might actually be able to afford one!
    12. I wish they would rerelease the LE bodies. I love my Uni Limited boy's body--it's broader through the chest and shoulders and more masculine than some of the other more willowy looking boy sculpts, but not really muscular. Just kind of a good average guy body. And as much as I love the headsculpts of their UniReal line, the dolls are just too tall to fit in with any of my characters and story lines. I would love it if they would start selling dolls again that were around 60cm.
    13. Here's link to the Unidoll page for anyone who does't have the site saved. :)

      I'm curious about this body type and size too. After wanting really tall dolls for the longest time every company went in that direction but now I'm looking for dolls for my shortrst characters and it's been really difficult to find smaller boy types that I like! I hope they are at or under 60 cm and not minis though. >_<

      It would be kind of awesome if they were more in the School of Rosette style even though I'm not getting into that size range. I just think they're really cool.

      edit: to attempt a link tot he teaser pics!

      Teaser 1

      Teaser 2
    14. I just keep getting 'no products in this category' when I go to peek -- but needing some shorter boys and girls lately, it should be interesting to see what they do. I tend to like their face sculpts a great deal, since they have so much personality. Can't wait to see how these come out!

      Edit: eep, found it. I'm liking those girls a lot!
    15. Hmm, I never thought of minis, but I really think they're SD size. I did like the body on their limited dolls and if it's a new double jointed version that would be so wonderful. I hope they offer the body separately as well too--I have a weird color Belita head, kind of creamy yellow and this might work.

      I can't afford a whole doll at once either but Denver Doll Emporium does layaway ;)
    16. I'm thinking I'll have to save away for the rocker girl as my next doll, even though I need to add a guy to my family @_@ I just fell in love with her sculpt the moment I saw her.
    17. OH MY!
      I really love the 3d, Princess! Now I wish she would be SD size!
    18. If the body is a newer version of the old UniLimited body, it looks like there are going to be more optional hands. Looking at the Princess teaser pictures, I see a hand my UH-14 does not have. ^_^

      I hope this line will have different bust sizes like the UniLimiteds had.
    19. The girls look lovely:D I love the rocker chick to but the first one is cute too! I'm a little unclear about the Unidoll company though: are all of their dolls made of French resin or are some of them made of French resin ( as in certain lines only, like "Real" line) I hope they have boys :D :D
    20. No no, none of the dolls are french resin, they even discontinued some older sculpts cause they stopped to cast doll in french.

      BTW now Im 100% sure they will be MSDs!
      You can see this by shoes at 2nd. Those arent SD shoes :)

      Oh yes Id love to see boys too :D