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Unidoll Knights

Jun 22, 2007

    1. News thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147362

      Personally, I love him. He is incredible, or at least what I can see through the armor XD
      And the jointed fingers are so cool!! But well, I have to wait for better pics, I wanna see his face.
      And I must resist, my Ark hasn't even arrived and I'm falling for another doll. Y__Y
    2. JOINTED HANDS!!! O_O How cool is that???

      If I didn;t already have Ark on Layaway, this guy might have become my first Unidoll just because of the hands alone. Although, I'm really hoping that the armour will be part of the set, and that it will fit Ark too...... >_>
    3. I just need to know when he is available. And, you know, to see his face. But I am decided on the basis of the hands alone.
    4. now I have no clue what to do.. B y an Ark or this fellow! Arrgg!
    5. Oh my god... I want.... O__O
    6. Wonder when we can see more ;/ or when the release will be! Ahh the agony!
    7. I still love Ark's face- he's so manly and.... angry. And this guy looks (from the lips) to be more of a youthful face.

      But dude.... those hands.... so wonderful! :...(
    8. mmmmhhhh and i was drooling over the flexi body!!

    9. Yeah I agree. Plus it seems ark has those fabulous ears! I dont think this boy can fit ears in the helm lol!
    10. I can't wait to see what the rest of his sculpt looks like : D
    11. Those hands are really nifty! And so is the armor, oh yes, very very manly and delicious...My checkbook hopes he doesn't look like any of my characters! :lol:
    12. *wonders if they'd sell me a hand on it's own*

      *REALLY wants a hand to be Thing ala Addams Family*
    13. Well, there's another one to add to the list of shiny things that I want :sweat

      I'm curious to see the rest of his body, even more so than his face. If he has jointed fingers, I would expect the rest of him to be very flexible as well.
    14. Wow, I was holding out for Ark but....I think this guy might win.
    15. Unidoll is pretty amazing. Those hands are fascinating!
    16. Does anyone else think the head under the helmet is Jace?
      We've seen jointed hands before with Sabik - Cyborg, but I haven't seen jointed fingers except for one personal project someone posted a picture of here on DoA.
    17. Yeah... her thread is "I might have gotten carried away" or something similar, because the guy is absolutely *enormous* :D And wonderful! and he has hands just like that.

      I can't see enough of the face to make a judgment but.. I'm still pining for an elf boy! (every time I think I've gotten over him I see him somewhere else...) One of these days I'm going to realize that I simply need to buy a unidoll ;)
    18. Oh my lawd. Jointed fingers. I be wantin'. I be wantin' REAL BAD, M'KAY? If he's a limited I'll cry. CRY. Though aren't ALL their dolls limited? D:
    19. Pretty armor. IT's so wow.