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[Unidoll] New tiny - Chabi teaser

Mar 30, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      She is new doll in uni tiny line.

      And this set is China costume.

      She will be released soon.


    2. Any news on the release date? She is really cute!

      What skin type is she?
    3. Hi everybody~

      Chabi is released today.



      Product title : Chabi(UHt-05)

      Head : UHt - 05 ( Creator : Artemis @ Unidoll)
      Body : UBt - 02 ( Tiny Girl Body )
      Wig : Default wig
      Eyes : 12mm glass eyes (Random Color)
      - Special Makeup : +$35
      - Outfit set in photo : +$50
      - Heel feet : +$18
      - Heel feet painting : +$20

      Price : USD 250
      When to buy : Apr. 4th 2009
      Where to buy : Unidoll Website ( http://www.unidoll.com/ )
    4. IS she 30cm? I can't find the sizing for UHt-05 on the website.
    5. There is a box on the bottom of the page for the Chabi doll labelled 'components'. If you look where it says 'body' and click 'size', all the measurements for Unidolls are shown. Chabi would be a UBt and they are indeed 30 cm.
    6. I'm in love, I ordered one! Oh, can't wait . . .