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Unidoll new Zoo line Release 2 editions

May 15, 2009

    1. [​IMG]


      It is new unidoll line.
      This line is pet line.
      It is first doll in pet line.
      It is not dog,bear,hippo.

      Please expect about new line~

      Unique Look & Feel ::: Unidoll - http://www.unidoll.com
    2. Any Idea when this little cutie will be coming out?
    3. As per DoA's criteria for on-topic Anthros - we will need to wait to see more photos of the body and sculpt to decide if this doll will be on-topic for the board!
    4. [​IMG]


      The first uni pet is otter.
      It has grey body and head.(It is original resin color and otter's real color.)
      It will be relased soon.
      Please expect it.

      Unique Look & Feel :: Unidoll
    5. Can I ask how tall he is?
    6. These anthros are on-topic for DoA! :)
    7. Hi everyone~
      We release uni Zoo line.
      Cafu is first doll in Zoo line.
      We release 2 editions this time.
      We hope lots of your interest about Cafu

      Cafu Superman edition

      Product title : Cafu Superman Edition
      Head : Cafe ( Creator : Artemis @ Unidoll )
      Body : uni Zoo Cafu body
      Eyes : 16mm glass eyes (Random Color)
      - Makeup : $35
      - Outfit : $35
      Price : USD 199

      Cafu Wonderwoman edition

      Product title : Cafu Wonderwoman Edition
      Head : Cafe ( Creator : Artemis @ Unidoll )
      Body : uni Zoo Cafu body
      Eyes : 18mm glass eyes (Random Color)
      - Makeup : $35
      - Outfit : $40
      Price : USD 199

      When to buy : Jun. 22th. 2009 ~
      Where to buy : Unidoll Website ( http://www.unidoll.com/ )
    8. are Superman and Wonder Woman officially licensed from DC Comics? (I can't read the tiny print to tell and could not find the info on the site)
    9. I don't think it is licensed: the small print just says that its a fictional character (superman that is), who the original creator was and a bit about its cultural influence
    10. the superman and wonder Woman character use was not licensed. i know this, because i spoke to Kevin Kanirie, who is the head of licensing for Dc comics. He is the individual who processes all requests for licensing, and Unidoll never sent in a request to license these characters. Kevin Kanirie has notified their legal department, and a cease and desist is being issued. If the dolls are still being sold without Unidoll aquiring the proper license, then from what Kevin has told me, legal action will be taken.

      When a company uses these characters without attaining the proper licensing, the original creators cannot be paid for the use of the characters that they created.

      while i think the designs are adorable, i refuse to buy anything that rips off the original artist. Much the way that i do not buy knock off dolls.