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Unidoll posability?

Nov 13, 2006

    1. How's the unidoll girl body? Does it pose well? Can it stand on its own? Does it have good mobility?

      UH14 is the only girl doll I want XD; So I want to know aaaall about Unidoll girly bodies.
    2. I haven't seen many around as of yet, but I know chibikitsune has one. If she doesn't see this thread maybe you could PM her?

    3. I got to pose one at a meetup, so I didn't get a lot of time handling her. However she did stand well, and seemed to pose well. The resin is very pretty in person.
    4. I don't have a girl--I have a boy, but I would think the posabilty would be somewhat similar...my boy stands very well and has a large range of movement with his torso joint--the most of any of my dolls except maybe my AR LF. I'd be curious to hear from someone with a girl too.
    5. Posability on the girls is average I'd say. Its no domuya flexi body or anything like that. Its quite a 'traditional' design. :) So its going to be as posable as any other standardly designed body. They can definitely stand on their own despite having really rather small feet.
    6. They pose pretty well and the limbs don't have the snapping effect that other brands do. I can raise her arms and they pretty much stay. Although I agree on the really small feet ;).