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Unidoll Real Ark Discussion

Apr 12, 2007

    1. :aeyepop:

      ....nuff said.

      Probably the angriest doll EVAR. :lol:

      I'm curious to see what others think, though. I can see him as a great "character" doll, if you are looking for a pissed off dragon-y guy. :lol:

      • x 1
    2. Definitely a character doll & as far as I'm concerned ONLY a character doll. At this point I can't see myself warming up to him. And I happen to really like the more mature sculpts w/ more "personality" but he's just too much. More character then personality. I wonder if he could be "smoothed" out some?

    3. OMFG...*explode* ok so now i want BOTH uni real boys.
    4. wow he is awesome.. I need a reason to bring him into my doll family
    5. Well, I'll be getting one- especially if he has the same body as UH-01. ^_^
    6. i wonder what hes gonna look like with different faceups... and different wigs. omg *__*
    7. hehe when the picture loaded I actually went "WARRRGGGGGG!!!" :shudder ....yeah he scared me a lot >_>

    8. Wah, he is the greatest! If only he had normal ears, I'd be all over him.
    9. If he werent so angry and tan hed be prefect for one of my characters..but alas not ment to be.
    10. Want? Do not want? I can't tell how I feel!
    11. -wow!
      A devil! satanas!
      Increible mold! It's a great job!
      I like so much but he scares me >_<
    12. Mmmm ok i will wait for him to be released.... maybe he will have the wings too? ^_^ he could me my Baphomet or Samael... argh... i like him so much... ^^ i have to think about him.... =_=
    13. I definitely know that I don't want him XD But I think my life will be incomplete if I never get to hold one, and go "OMG ANGRY!! :o" so.. XD I hope someone I know buys him, hahaha XD :aheartbea
    14. he reminds me of the beastie from jeepers creepers o_O
    15. Yeah I'm pretty scared e__e;;
    16. I was wondering if the wings came with him too.. I'd love it if he did.
    17. Too scary I want my dolls to bring me peace
    18. Oh my God!! He is so perfect!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God!! Why they do such a gorgeous man! I need to earn money!!! :crushed
    19. He's definitely... unique. But I really can't stand his face. ^^';; Way too stylized for any of my purposes.
    20. wow he's something else! But no not wanting him...he kinda surprised me when I saw him..so angry... I thought Unidolls looked pissed off but this one takes the cake!