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Unidoll Real boy - Anthony

May 11, 2009

    1. I think I am going to have to see more pictures. Something about his head and neck seems really off to me. It may just be the photography, or maybe it was photoshopped.
    2. Oh dear, I think my wishlist is changing...
    3. he has a very gentle face , I think the blurb story on the side is interesting ... consort to a powerful queen.
    4. BanSidhe: There are more pics already actually. He's for sale already :)!

      jennieve01 LOL queen, the font is too small for my lazy eyes...
    5. Interesting how they went from the "character" sculpt to the standard pretty boy sculpt in such a short time frame.
    6. His face is so gentle looking....I think they have a winner, but I have enough boys and not enough girls....
    7. I wonder if he'd look less pretty-boy-like with less of a pinkish color on his lips and a different outfit. He seems like he has some potential in that direction, to me.
    8. My thougths too, Unidoll CAN do it :o
    9. I think you're right about that-the neck is much whiter and the lighting looks different. Despite that, I think he's a definite improvement on the last three Unidolls, none of which appealed to me at all.
    10. For a "standard pretty boy type" I think he's still got a fair amount of unique character. Great job! :chocoberry
    11. Upon second look, he looks like Jace's younger brother. I'd like to see a profile-Unidolls usually have such big noses. Did anyone notice that he's UHr-14, and that Akion and Kaito have higher numbers but came out first?
    12. I do think he's not quite the standard pretty boy. I see cheekbone and jawline there- that's character the other typical 'boi's don't seem to have, and that I like! I am very much attracted to this one, maybe he'll end up being my third.
    13. I think he does look something like a younger Jace. Much nicer than some of the previous sculpts, IMO, which were getting very out-there!
    14. He is very pretty and cute boy *cant stop staring at unidoll site*
      But his also unique like all Unis are :D

      I also notice something from Jace, but very little :P
    15. I wouldn't say he's a standard pretty boy type either...more of a good looking character actor, a Matthew Modine or Ralph Fiennes. I'd like to see him on a slimmer body. I'm not sure about the boy band physique. There something rather scholarly about his face to me. I like him. I wish I had a character for him.
    16. Well, still kinda ok for me - still just enough character left. But if those boys do get any prettier than that, I think I'll have to go looking for another favourite doll company ... I like my boys to at least TRY to look male.

      I like the shape of his eyes.
    17. Try to look male
      ROFL you made me totally giggle!
      that is, the most BJD boys doing it LOOL
    18. I think he's lovely - but I agree the body doesn't match his face very well. Something a little skinnier and more 'refined' in tone would suit him better. I expect he'd look delicious with long hair and some sexy specs <3
    19. I happen to like the look of the head together with the body... it's screaming at me that this is the vessel for Tudor...