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Unidoll Real Boy Rio Discussion

May 20, 2008

    1. I'm definitely getting him~ :D I really like his intense look, and his nose is pretty too. The only thing I'm trying to figure out is whether they start the doll right after your payment is confirmed or if they wait until the ordering period ends to start them all together? <---(Never ordered from Unidoll before. LOL. ^^;; )
    2. I just love how realistic he looks. He reminds me of some movie actor, but I just can't put my finger on it. I almost don't like how thin his neck looks with his head, though. His lips and expression have me sold, though.
    3. I think perhaps they start making the dolls as they're ordered. I ordered my Dalia 4 weeks ago on a 5 week layaway and just got an email today saying that she is finished and ready to ship when I make my last payment!
    4. .

      He's incredibly handsome! His name couldn't be more perfect (i'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil). This body.. I really loved his serious expression.. And the mouth, wow.. But I'm still preferring Feanor 8)

    5. To me he looks like a mix of the other guys. I can't decide if its Jace and Feanor, or Jace and Ark he looks the most like or all three. XD I think he's wonderful, I'm looking forward to the owner photos.
    6. If they released the head separately I would be in soo much trouble....but in no way can I afford him as a whole doll in a month...:( (not to mention that I would get him a 70cm body anyway, the unidoll body is not really my thing...)

      Aww, my brother was so sweet, he offered his paycheck to help me out. I would never take it, but the gesture really warmed my heart :)
    7. He's a manly man! :D Very nice-with that outfit I'd be tempted to make him into Ryohei from Hitman Reborn! Too bad he's limited though T.T
    8. His sculpt is really attractive! I find his head a little rugged for the regular unidoll male neck though. I'd like to see some more thickness there.
    9. He does to me, too. I think he looks most like a mix of Ark and Jace. Actually, he reminds me of someone, I just can't figure out who. Really gorgeous boy, I just don't have that kind of money for another doll right now. I'd get him if I could, though.
    10. Exactly my thought, frogwitch, so it makes me wonder what body would look right?
      Edit: Looking around, Soom Super Gem seems to look nice proportionally, but the resin color makes me think white skin could possibly work? Hm...
    11. [​IMG]


      This photo is Rio's Poster.
      Color tone is different. You can see real tone photo at our site.
      I hope you like this and him~
    12. I am so in love with this guy it's not funny :love: He's PERFECT for my Eomer!!!

      Can't get him this time round though....will have to wait! :...(
    13. Well, I'm not getting him now but as the Unidoll people answered my question about him and said they'll probably sell him again later, I'll just have to save a lot of money. He'd be SO perfect as Nick, Luken's "nemesis"!

      Darn. Only started that BJD-"thing" earlier this year and already I'm addicted ... *lol*
    14. He's an interesting sculpt and I like the concept. He just looks a little too like Iplehouse's Barron. The face looks like a modified head; more chisled, but the eyes are dead on along witht he furrowed brow.

      Nevertheless, he's an interesting boy.
    15. I'd love to buy Rio (and Arc^^) right now but I'm afraid that it has to wait... no money- and no charcter idea for Rio yet.
    16. DevotionDemoness, while the basic style of the heads are similar, the sculpting is vastly different; far from modified, in my opinion.

      Rio's nose is more defined, square; his eyes are smaller, and he looks much more realistic and rugged. Barron is very much in the Iplehouse style, in the BJD aesthetic, very smooth.

      And agh, I am just so in love with how alive Rio looks!
    17. Gah I know! He's just so....animated and energetic! Oh, I need this boy...I really do....money, please fall from the sky. Please?
    18. I like a lot Rio's expressive face and the body (hum!) :love

      Only a little thing... The head loks a little too big for the size of the body but perhaps it is a problem pics perspective?
    19. I was able to scrape up enough to order Rio Friday. XD I hope he comes out as nice as he looks in Unidoll's pics. ^.^ I'm a little worried about the head size too, but it seems most of the Uni-real boys are like that though. It says his head is 8-9", so at least he won't be as much of a bobble-head as my CP boys are. LOL.