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Unidoll Real Girl - Promotion event

Feb 28, 2008

    1. Hi everyone~

      We pre-release new line - Real Girl

      We will open more infomation soon at our site(http://www.unidoll.com) and here

      Plz enjoy our photos.

    2. Is the sheer white dress going to be available for sale?
    3. absolutely gorgeous! all of them.
      Two questions, how tall are these girls? and are the face ups shown in the pictures the going to be the default styles?
    4. When they will be released? :)
    5. Height : 62cm
      Girth of neck : 8.5cm
      Girth of chest : 27cm
      Girth of waist : 18cm
      Girth of hip : 28cm
      Girth of wrist : 5.5cm
      Right handbreadth : 3cm
      Left handbreadth : 3cm
      Girth of ankle : 7cm
      Girth of knee : 12cm
      Length from shoulder to elbow : 10.5cm
      Length from elbow to wrist : 9cm
      Length from navel to knee : 19.5cm
      Length from knee to sole of the foot : 21.5cm
      Width of shoulder : 9cm
      Width of shoulder include arm : 14cm
      Girth of Head : 7~8inch
      Foot size : 7.2cm

      Release date is not fixed till now.

      I will post here after it will be fixed.
    6. Are Unidoll Real Girls limited or not?
    7. Quick reminder from the mods: Please only post news and relevant questions to the thread, as all chat will be deleted. If you'd like to discuss these gorgeous new girls, please check out the discussion thread:


      Thanks very much! :)
    8. [​IMG]

      Hi again~

      uni Real girl line made by normal resin, not French resine. And skin color is same uni Real boy line(Jace,Ark,Feanor).

      We will do first promotion event at this month.

      I will post here after fixed detail infomation and date.

      Enjoy your day~
    9. Hi Duplife,

      Does she wear SD size outfit ?
    10. [​IMG]

      We release New Real girl line.

      Before we release Real girl line we'll sales Promotion event.

      Don't miss this event~.

      Products : Dalia(UHr-05), Lily(UHr-06), Selina(UHr-09)
      Event Start : 2008.03.15 GMT 00:00
      Manufacture time : 5 weeks
      Shipping date : 2008.4.19 ~ (Order buy order)
      Price : USD 650
      Where to buy : Unidoll Website ( http://www.unidoll.com/ )

      This is promotion event for 20 dolls of each doll.

      This is our regular release date.

      - 2008.04.15 ~ 2008.04.30 - Dalia(UHr-05)
      - 2008.05.15 ~ 2008.05.30 - Lily(UHr-06)
      - 2008.06.15 ~ 2008.06.30 - Selina(UHr-09)
      ※ This schedule might change for company's circumstance.

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    11. Hi Duplife,

      Would you please tell me if the body is sanded ?
      Thanks in advance
      Have a Marvellous day !
    12. Hi~

      I think "sanded" mean removed side line.

      We don't do it.

      It’ll be delivered as a completed work after the Basic finish.


      Have a good time~

    13. Firsr of all, I am sorry about that I have to tell you like this.
      Since we have some problems with Special I(Clothes set) during making process, we are not able to produce this model any more.
      However, the special clothes of Lily(UHr-06) will be shown during our formal presentation.
      We promise for sure that we will show various clothing line for Uni Real Girl.
      We are really appreciate that your full understanding.
      Thank you
    14. [​IMG]

      Release : May. 15th 00:00 (GMT) 2008 ~ May.31th 2008

      You can see more Lily's photo in our site(http://www.unidoll.com)

      Please enjoy with Lily's new photo~