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Unidoll Real GIRLS Dalia & Lily discussion....

Feb 28, 2008

    1. Oh. My. God. Why!? WHY!? So bootiful, I wants one T_T
    2. I'm generally not much of a girl doll person, but Selina and Lily are GORGEOUS! I'm such a fan of unidoll's face sculps...that they managed to put so much character into these girls is fantastic!
    3. I haven't really looked into Unidoll much, but I really love these sculpts, such a unique, interesting look. :)
    4. I reaaaaly want Lily and Dalia. ;0;
      Am I right in assuming they won't be limited? And how tall would the be?

      um okay sorry had to do that. selina is my real name, lol a while back when i hunted uh13 i talked to the creator quite a bit. i wonder if he took my name. lol thats crazy!
    6. Unidoll is teasing us right now. Hope they won't be real (LOL) limited. I'm guessing they will be a little shorter than Jace/Ark/Feanor which are 67cm. Maybe 63 or 65 size?

      I want to know WHEN!

    7. I wonder why I can't see the Unidoll website anymore:(
    8. Oh noes! And I just fell for Feanor even though I swore him off after briefly owning the Real boy body...
    9. Those girls are gorgeous! I'm not much of a girl BJD fan, but the sculpts are made to be had! Beautiful faces and sensual expression with a slim body to boot!
    10. Wow, they're all so pretty! I hope they're tall! ^^ (haha, just me or does Selina look similar to an AiL sculpt? :/)
    11. selina is my favorite......... i love her wigs, and this face...... soooo beautiful !
    12. OMG ---- this is killing me -- I think I need all of them!!!! I love Unidoll Real boys and these girls look like they will be amazing!
    13. oh wow, i didn't think i was going to like another girl for a looooong time, but these beauties are incredible:o I love how mature they are! gime gime!
    14. The first photos with Selina remind me of artist type doll. Lily seems so much more fragile :D
    15. I have been anxiously awaiting the Unidoll Real girl... and I get three?!? :o (dies)

      I'll be looking at either Selina or Dalia. IMHO, Dalia looks the most like a Unidoll sculpt.

      I hope we get measurements soon.
    16. Lily is the most beautiful doll ever!
      I'm not very attached with girls models, but I have to get a Lily :aheartbea
    17. Oh lord, I'm in trouble. On top of Lily being gorgeous (and Dalia too *.*) those dresses are gorgeous!
    18. Dalia is gorgeous, she reminds me of UH-11 but more grown up and more sexy, goodness I can't get anymore, I don't have room.
    19. Do you know yet what size these girls are going to be? And price range?