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Unidoll Real Jace Dark magician [Teaser] (Gore warning)

Jan 16, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Comming soon~~
    2. Other source photo

      If you can't see both , please let me know~

      Thanks StephG

      Have a good time~
    3. I agree with Chinadoll and Pretty Dark Magician girl that the workman ship quality is very good. Will he be availible without the makeup and just the scar tissue on his mold?
    4. Hi everyone~

      The Jace Dark magician is our make up specialist Nadia's work.
      Her make up is very diffrent from our usual make up.
      From now on we will release other kind of special make up.
      If you were horrified we are very sorry.
      See our special make up editions just Nadia's creative works.

      Jace custom head(UHr-01S) will release this time only.
      This set is included extra Jace normal head too.

      Unidoll Jace Dark magician release


      Product title : Jace Dark magician

      - UHr - 01S ( Custom and Makeup by Nadia )
      - UHr - 01 ( Creator by Artemis @ Project Raurencio )
      Body : UBr - 01 ( uni Real Boy Body )
      Wig : Same wig in photo
      Eyes : 14mm glass eyes (Random Color)
      - Extra head makeup(Jace default makeup) : $55
      - Clothing(same in photo) : $200
      - Shoes (UsSr-03) : $60

      Price : USD 750

      When to buy : 2008.01.23 00:00(GMT) ~ 2008.02.06 [Only One time release product]
    5. Are the jointed hands going to be made available?