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Unidoll Real Jace Scar Edition :D

Jan 17, 2008

    1. Eeek. I don't know why no one has made a discussion yet, but we need one!

      I really like this version of Jace! :D
    2. I hate it. I got really excited when I saw the news, but as soon as the picture loaded, I was horrified. The gems in the cut are beyond confusing and awful looking. I'm just going to go back to saving for a regular Jace, now then.
    3. Yeahhh. I like the scar, but the diamonds and stuff in the scar are kinda random for me.

      If I was to get him, I'd request that they wouldn't be part of the faceup. :sweat
    4. Eeeewwww. I love Unidoll. Their sculpts are great. But that looks poorly done... :(
    5. sigh. I just need a jace body for my minimee head. But yah, the rhinestones are just kinda like, huh? Did the fortress of solitude blow up on him, or what?
    6. Yeah, that looks real painful:shudder I love the Jace mold though.
    7. I'm intrigued... I like the idea, but agreeing with everyone else on that the gems are a bit O_o

      I would really like to see more or better photos before deciding if I really like this guy or now... Though, I'll admit, my first reaction was "OMG so much love ♥"
    8. I like a well-done scar as much as the next person (maybe more than some?), but really, that's not a scar but an open wound that needs medical treatment! (You sedate him Jim, I'll pick out our retirement fund, I'm the doctor!)

      And any open wound that large is not going to stop neatly just before the edge the upper eyelid (which, frankly, wouldn't be functional with that kind of damage, even if a sliver of it was still connected. Not to mention anything that deep probably wouldn't leave a gorgeous and functional eye.).

      MAYBE, if the trauma-bling was out, and the whole thing colored more like an old scar instead of so fresh-looking? Even then, given the depth it looks to be dug out to.... Oh! I know! Uni-doll is coming out with a line of supertinies, a perfect size to fit right inside the.....
    9. ooh im more than curious about what this doll looks like, with all the controversy over his scars- anywhere i can see a pic of it? i tried looking on the unidoll website but couldnt seem to find it!
    10. i like the gore but the gems ARE really weird.
    11. Eeh. I need more pictures too. I like the faceup but maybe if the scar was more natural looking. Hmmm. :O
    12. I was intrigued by the "teaser" but disappointed. I'm currently turning my ballet dancer Ilya (Jace) into a mean fighting machine with stubble and scars. have to admit my version looks much better than Unidoll's. it is, at least, very manly where theirs looks silly.

      do you think these photos are just a joke and there will be a really great scarred fighter in the final pix? their knights are amazing and Ark blows me away. :| you've got to admit, Unidoll keeps pushing the resin envelope.
    13. Wow, that is the first time I have EVER seen the Scar faced Jace...
      I like the scar, I think it'd look alot better if it was painted more realistic...

      But what the heck is up with the jewels coming out of his head? That's just horribly random. HobbyWhelmed does raise a good point, wouldn't his eye be unusable? And how does it not become infected with those jewels sticking out of it?

      Maybe he should have that looked at...
    14. The only thing I like about him is that a term like "trauma-bling" had to be coined for a doll. 0_o

      I agree entirely with the rest of your statement. I don't mind gore mods when they are well done, but this guy doesn't do it for me.
    15. Wow, I must be blind. I thought those jewels were little eyes. (Which you must admit, would be awesome!) Someone did a horror mod like that and it came out pretty nicely.
    16. Those shining jewels like small eyes which scare me stiff.:ablah:
      I am afraid I am not brave enough to see the scar again.:...(
      My poor Jace, Do you suffer much pain ? :(
    17. That scar makes me feel uneasy - I don't like to look at it! I don't even want to think about it - when I do it sends a shudder down my spine!
    18. yuck! that looks so awful:ablah: It is not a scar but an open wound... well, it really does not even look that real.
      I hope it is okay to ask this here.... does the uni doll real mean that they are like nobility doll's emotional boy? Or not that real? Are they regular resin or something different?
    19. I think the real just refers to the realness of the body sculpt. All the Reals share the same 67-68? cm highly muscular body.

      Well, most of it is realistic. (I'd like to lobby for forget the scar edition and bring out a better-endowed edition. But I've been corrupted by bad influences....)