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Unidoll Real Kaito

Apr 5, 2009

    1. *happy squee* lookit that NOSE! :D He's brilliant! I don't think I've ever seen a BJD sculpt quite like his... I can't wait to see more pictures of UniDoll's latest creation.


      What do you all think? Any clues on when he'll be released? I checked out UniDoll's website, but it seems they've only posted info about him here...

      (And mods, if this is in the wrong place, sorry!! Just move/delete/whatever you must)
    2. oooh, he looks cute! like hes mad at me coz i just ruffled his hair....lol
    3. Maybe with a different wig and the eyebrows not quite as prominent. I am looking forward to more pictures, I am intrigued.

      Unidoll's sculpts have been very ... creative ... lately.
    4. I'd like to see him without a faceup. Looks like they did him angry, like they initially did Ark, and since then I've seen Arks that look vastly different. And a full-frontal picture too! It's so hard to gauge their potential from a 3/4 shot. And I wanna see the full size of that nose! One thing UD does, is totally individualistic noses!

      He definitely is different-looking, and yet the new sculptor they mentioned seems to have the "UD look" down pretty good. Is that a painted on tear going down his left cheek, do you think, or just some color patch in the photo?
    5. He looks like a real Morrissey fan, and that is always a plus when it comes to a doll's personality. At least, I think so.

      - Mel
    6. So this was created by a user of the forum or the actual doll making team? I'm confused.
    7. Foo_Fox, this doll was created by a new member of the Unidoll team, the folks who sculpt all of Unidoll's resin beauties. ^.^ Looks like they're off to a great start, whoever they are!

      Gotta agree with you all in wanting to see him sans faceup. So far I'm loving the shape of his face and lips and nose, but those ANGRY DORRY!eyebrows always kinda irk me. His eyes look like they've been sculpted to have sort of down-turned eyelids, which I'm not a fan of, but maaaayyybbee with the right mods it'd work.
    8. The nose makes me think young Adrien Brody. With the enormous hair and the 80s-ish background, I keep thinking if I had the cash/room for a doll that didn't fit in any storyline whatsoever, he'd be the kind of bloke who took Smiths lyrics seriously and went vegan after Morrissey did.


      ... And for some reason the idea of a proto-emo kid in my house is ironically and cutely delicious.

      Thank the deities that be I am broke, or I'd be buying this boy once he was for sale.

      - Mel
    9. Had to think of Ark too seeing him!
      I hope to see more pics too, now he seems really fascinating and very very unusual :)!
    10. Hmmmm, don't know. Look at the depth of that eye well-it's really thick. So's the brow. The face looks unbalanced to me-too top-heavy. Like you others, I'd like to see it unpainted and from different angles-what is it with these doll companies lately, doing everything they can with the face-up to make the sculpt look ugly? What Souldoll is doing with their freaky face-ups lately is criminal (Phillipa, Queena and that new MSD girl whose name escapes me), and Unidoll seems to be trying to compete with them.

      He's definitely a departure from the norm, though. I'd like to see some owner pics. Sometimes someone here works miracles with a sculpt I think I don't like.
    11. I'd like to see more pictures. I have to say I am not a fan of the direction Unidoll is taking with their sculpts, if this doll and the Chabi tiny are examples. Perhaps some owner pics or some different pics would change my mind about this guy. I like realistic dolls but this one seems a bit extreme.
    12. I do like him a lot. I wish unidoll would make a slimmer body though. He just doesn't look like a muscle man to me.
    13. The pics of him are up now, and he's put on sale.
      I cant decide if I like him or not *_*, but he looks very scarried.
      He is definitely very intrestnig though, I think maybe with better face up like everyone's said...
      I also think the muscle body dont suit his face :/.

      I also keep on seeing him with cat ears :lol:
    14. My first reaction was "wow, strange." But he's interesting! I think what I don't like on the first pictures is that particular faceup -- just personal preference for less vivid lip color on a guy. I'll be interested to see him in other looks, too!
    15. Yeah, I'm with you on that one, Baakay... personally, after seeing his new pictures, I'm REALLY not a fan of his lips. :( And those eyebrows... are kinda... like mutant caterpillars. XP Perhaps with some decent eye mods to get rid of the "OMG" look and better eyebrows he'd look less like a poor imitation of a scared Tom Cruise. XD Don't ask me why, that's just who he reminds me of....

      Still, there's something about his face that I really do like... honestly can't put my finger on it, though. ^.^ I really hope somebody decides to buy him so I can see owner pics!
    16. I have always loved Unidoll's sculpts; realistic yet slightly quirky. I have both Jace and Berkut. But I don't care for this sculpt at all or the direction that Unidoll seems to be going now.
    17. Lol. I personally love those faceups and wouldn't get the dolls without them.

      Though, I am not a fan of Kaito's faceup.

    18. I'm a huge UniDoll fan & as soon as I saw this boy I started drooling. UniDoll isn't afraid to push the envelope & make dolls with real emotion. They may not be as versatile as some more neutral faces but a big part of the appeal for any dolls for me is the expression. It's such a welcome change from the majority of bland, just pretty looks most dolls have & adds an element of real art to the dolls. Good art will almost always produce a strong reaction in viewers whether positive or negative & I think UniDoll's unusual aculpts accomplish that quite well.

      I do have to admit that I haven't been thrilled with their newest girls though. But this guy, well, I find him fascinating & would really like to see more photos from a variety of angles.
    19. http://www.unidoll.com/en/view.php?pid=169

      Pictures are up on Unidoll's website.

      I still like him, I'd mod him a little, but not much, and I think 14mm eyes might be a bit better than the 12mm they're supposed to be using.

      But then I'd face him up myself, so.

      - Mel
    20. i like him a lot! i would try to make him look a bit softer though if he were mine. less intense eyebrows in color & expression. can't wait to see owner photos. :)

      oh, and what other bodies can unidoll heads fit? i would like him on a skinnier body..