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Unidoll UH-14 Prerelease (Elf girl type)

Sep 3, 2006

    1. [​IMG]


      Unidoll prerelease UH-14

      She is Elf type partner with UH-08

      She sculpted by UH-08 creator - Artemis

      What do you feel about her?

      I think that her feel is RED by photographer.

      Please tell me about her feel . I will try to take a photo like that feeling~

      Have a good time~~ ^^

      Unique Look & Feel
    2. ooh shes gorgeous. would you be able to show me a pic of her with grey white or cream colored hair?
    3. I love her little button nose!
    4. Now she looks like an elf with or without those ears. I think she looks good in red. I can't think of another color right now.
    5. She's beautiful! I love the expression on her face! :D
    6. //X_Kazakai_X


      I think that you mean this color wig...

      What do you feel ^^?

      //edible cookie
      Thanks..^^ if creator hear that she is happy..^^

      Thanks ~ if you flash upon another feel , Please tell me..^^

      // himitsu
      Thanks...~ ^^ another pic is comming so...~
    7. I love all of Unidoll's sculpts so much, especially UH-08, and this girl looks just as wonderful! It just looks like so much thought goes into Unidoll's features- I especially like this girl's nose and lips.
    8. //Tuvie

      Thanks~ ^^
      Another New doll comming soon~~ (maybe next week..^^)
      expect it~
    9. She's very exotic.
    10. man thats perfect!! shes absolutly stunning, it makes me think of winter. i realy wanna save up to get her and UH-08. they would be perfect together

      thank you so much for taking the picture for me
    11. i love her eye shape and the shape of her face. her lips are lovely, too! :love
    12. Oh, very pretty, stately yet with a hint of mischief in her face. :)

    13. She's cute.
    14. I really love her face, the expression in her eyes, her little nose, her pouty lips, the ears... wow. I will definitely consider getting her when I have money! *gasp*

      EDIT: and I just LOVE her with red hair! :D
    15. The fur wig hides her beauitufl ears, I have the same problem with the new wig I got for Fallon. The ear sculpt are so pretty it's a shame when hair covers them. But the faces are gorgeous anyway so they're pretty no matter what wig.
    16. I have to ask, how tall is she? And is her resin color yellow? She looks pinkish in the pics, but I better ask ^^

      I'll start saving for her when I finish paying my credit card this month! eeek! :o
    17. tall is 58cm..
      more detail size, go to here (Unidoll FAQ article)

      Color is some this photo in my monitor

    18. Thanks, Duplife! That really helps ^___^
      I saw your reply in the other post too, thank you ^^

      I'm so in love with her, thank for posting the pics!
    19. She looks like a cross between Elfdoll ryung and SOOM Gena, I think.
      Her nose is adorable.
    20. I'm totally in love with her and UH-08!!! Really just wow :)
      I'm putting money aside now for those 2, I just can't wait to have them.