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Unidoll UH13 Discussion

Oct 17, 2006

    1. So i love this girl the Unidoll 13.....Shes gorgeous. Am I crazy for thinking she looks a little like a Hypermaniac Ksy? Unfortunately I dont think Ill ever be able to afford Ksy as shes a pipe dream, but do you think shes a close match that is readily avalible?

      Whats your opinon on her?


      Mods please excuse my ignorance if this is in the wrong spot!:sweat
    2. Ooohh she's lovely! Reminds me of a cross between Sooah and Belita...
    3. She reminds me a little of Ksy too :) I noticed it first time I saw her.
    4. i love her very much! she's the kind of doll that burns in your memory because of the depth of her character. i would very much like to see what her body is like though (particularly her breasts -- yeah i said that at the risk of sounding like a pervert >_<). her face is very young looking, perhaps a girl of not more than 13? i wonder if the rest of her body is also young looking.
    5. Full body pictures are in the FAQ page on the Unidoll web site. There is a choice of breast size for the girls and both sizes are shown, from the front and the side.


      Here's the url for the body photos: http://www.unidoll.com/en/faq_view.php?pid=9&page=1
    6. I have a Unidoll, and they are very nice and the company is great to deal with : )
    7. the guy that makes them i have been talking too and he seems pretty nice, very friendly too.

      but still i havent found the full body shots.... im actually pretty curious too
    8. be obsessed; she's gorgeous!

      I like it when the doll makers are really nice it makes buying a doll from them even nicer if you know you are supporting nice people!

      body shots are here as Kathi says:
    9. Ah, she looks like Catherine-Zeta Jones in the last pic! How cool!
    10. Boyfriend is saving up for her. ;)
    11. omg shes gorgeous....cant break away from the buy it now button!!!