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Unidoll UHr-12 [Berkut] discussion...

Dec 9, 2008

    1. Link to Unidoll page

      [thread=261040]Link to News thread[/thread]

      Hello! This is the place to discuss the new Unidoll UHr-12. I can't wait to see more of this boy! Please post your thoughts on this good looking new gent. :hollyberry
    2. piccies???
    3. Only one so far. He looks a lot like Rio. I'm interested in seeing him without all that makeup.
    4. A cross between Jace and Rio to me, but I like what I see about him so far, would not get him since I am done buying dolls......
    5. As I wrote in the other thread - he might take me right off Akando. Depends on what the rest of him looks like. I hope he won't be limited! I'm not gonna buy another doll before my birthday, which is in April.

      I really like the make-up. He'd fit into Luken's band perfectly! *lol*
    6. I had a Jace and at first I thought it was a picture of Jace made up differently. The Real dolls , though, are gorgeous, that's for sure.
    7. Very handsome!
    8. To me it actually looks like a cross between Jace and Soom Sabik. His nose and cheekbones are very Sabiky.
    9. Oh, *%*^%$*^. I'm currently waiting for my very first doll, and I really thought I could be satisfied with the one for awhile. But this guy... I hope he's not limited, because I would prefer to not embark on a life of crime.
    10. That's exactly what I thought when I first saw him!

      I really love what I can see of him so far. I really want to see a better angle of his lips...and his nose, though I can see it's gorgeous already! :D (my girl is swooning over him already haha...*covers her eyes and hides wallet* )
    11. I like what I see. I am interested in seeing more pics. As Khell said, this guy just might beat out Akando.
    12. Absolutely without that face up I think I am in love.
    13. ... which really is a shame, you know, since Akando was supposed to be the last doll I'd get. But if this guy here wins out, I'll have to expand my "to buy" list. And, as a matter of fact, my flat. Getting crowded in here as it is, with only Luken, Cassie and the three little guys. Now, three of the big guys ... uh-oh. Don't wanna imagine it! *lol*
    14. Ooh, he's gorgeous.
    15. Oh :o, I hope you both are wrong ;), cause I love both Sabik and Unireals(Ark, Jace, etc.) so much, I would go crazy *_*:...(

      He seems to be gorgeuous from what I can see so far!

      Event means he will be limited? :...(
    16. He's still looking good in this new teaser. Can't wait to see more pics.
    17. I think he's much like Rio with a less prominent nose. Looking good indeed!
      I think there's another teaser picture came out at the news thread for this guy.
    18. My "to buy" list is growing as well. Usually I don't have a long list. If the doll doesn't make my heart sing then I don't buy it. Akando, Raurencio Remiel (former Unidoll sculptor) and this new guy are on the list.
    19. Whoa, my type of guy.
    20. He is beautiful. And different from Jace. I love his lips.