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Unidoll - Unilimited resale

Sep 5, 2009

    1. News thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=321387

      Unidoll is releasing their limited line again. This time not in french resin.

      I have been eying on the UH-03 for a long time, but three weeks sale is really short *_* So maybe I have to pass this girl TT I do hope there will be more unilimiteds now on doa ;)
    2. I'm so incredibly happy! I just asked them earlier this week if I could get a UH-17 in urethane and the resounding YES was SO breathtakingly awesome.
    3. :aheartbeaI have been looking for uh-o8 and had asked them about it also. I guess it pays to ask:aheartbea Does anyone know if they are the exact same as before except for the resin? I had the impression that UH-08 was 67cms like Rio and Ark etc. But I see the limited boys are 58 cms, Is that the way it was before?*_*
    4. They are exactly the same as before except the resin type and color. :) The limiteds were before they did the larger body type for the real line.

      The 58cm body is very nice! Much better than the Real (Ark, Jace, etc) body. The only issue I have with it is the wide feet can be a pain to find shoes for sometimes.
    5. Oh what a temptation. I wish they'd done this before I bought my UH-08 in French resin -- only because he's the only French resin doll I own -- but he's spectacular, just a wonderful doll. I'm sure anyone who goes for these ladies or gents will NOT be disappointed!
    6. oh no! only 3 weeks! such a short sale....well, there's always the secondary market some day. these are gorgeous dolls, i especially like the older to mid sculpts. :)
    7. Does Unidoll offer layaway?
    8. I hope that they would extend the period of resale :-(
    9. I have the Uh-14 and absolutely love her!:aheartbea:aheartbea The french resin is beautiful. I also have 3 Uni-reals and though I love the sculpts, Dalia, Feanor and Berkut, I'm not too wild about the color of the resin.:( I've been in love with the Uh-08 for a while now and really like Uh-17 & 19. But not too sure about their height, they may be too short for my girls. Going to have to think about this and decide before the deadline*_* Oh the pressure!:doh
    10. French resin is real love. It's got such a beautiful glow. I got Uni-real Ark and my sister got Uh-14 in French resin. My Ark is yellowed even more then my sisters Uh-14.

      I'm still not sure if I should go for it. Uh-03 was so long on my wishlist. It is very tempting not to go for a layaway XD
    11. I have the UH-14 Sint mentioned. ^_^ She hasn't yellowed much, but I put her away in a closet when I don't play with her so she won't be exposed to too much sunlight. It would be nice to see urethane UniLimiteds too that can stay a bit longer outside in the sun and decorate the room. ;)

      Unidoll does layaway (4-8 weeks with 30% down payment when placing the order, I think) and I have been thinking about an UH-21, a second UH-14, an UH-11 or an UH-13, but this is just a bit too soon.

      I do wonder if these UniLimited girls will get the old girl body or the same girl body as the UniHigh school line, because you can order extra hands now.
    12. Unidoll said they are the same as the french resin version. So I think it will be the old body.
    13. Oh man this is so not good, such bad timing for me anyway, but I have always wanted the UH-05, heck even the UH-11 is nice too. I don't think I can do layaway unless 1 of my dolls leaves soon.
    14. Oh, she's my favourite too! I've wanted her for ages. :D

      Ooh, can you tell me why you don't like the Real body? I've been thinking of getting Kaito, actually, but I've heard the body isn't very good. It's just hard to find information and photos of why people have this opinion. (I realise this is a little off topic, so you're welcome to PM me about it.)
    15. @toveb: You too like the uh-03? yay ^^ Are you planning to order her? About the real body. I love it, but I like musled and details. It got his downside, but every body got them. If you want more details you can pm me ;)

      Now on topic; I read in the newsletter every limited are not released in the same quanty. It said that they only release the numbers what was left after the french resin sale stop. I hope I misunderstond, because nr 1 till 6 were sold out before.
    16. You are correct that they are being released in quantities to total 200 minus what was previously sold (unless they run out of time first). I believe they discontinued 1-6 more in an effort to conserve the french resin than because they ran out of the edition number.

      I don't care for the size, muscles, and posing of the Real body. Compared to the limited body (which is fairly standard old style body) the Real body has some quirks. The low torso joint is only to make restringing easier and does not allow the torso to pose at all. The limited torso has much more range. The Real body does have double jointed elbows, but the ones in the body I had were so tightly packed I didn't even know about them until AFTER I sold his body. Posing shouldn't be a gimmick you have to find, but something that comes with ease. I've found I'm much happier with older style doll forms (Volks SD13, Soom Gem, Delfs, Unidoll limiteds) than with overly large or overly engineered dolls. Just personal preference. That said my french resin UH-17 has his quirks and limitations. He can't touch his face, but he's a great sloucher.
    17. I was surprised at how much I liked some of the sculpts, particularly UH-01. But the timing is bad, and I won't be getting any of these guys.

      It's good to know about the body though, in case one comes up second hand at a better time for my budget.
    18. I wonder how many people are ordering in this very short order periode.
      You know, if they were like the soom limiteds, I wouldn't be woried I can't afford one now. Because you will always find one in the second market (ok high price, but still in reach). With the Unilimitids, they are very rare. Uh-14 and uh-08 are the most commen I've seen in the second market. I don't think I will ever see Uh-03 and I have kept eye on Doa, ebay, jpyahoo etc.

      Meh, I think I just order her and see where it's going.
    19. I think it's amazing that they're bringing their Unilimiteds back, even though it's just for a short while. I love UH-21 and I remember when I first saw her I was floored! She's so perfect! I'm just not sure if I'll be able to get her within that 3 weeks or before she sells out...

      On a side note, I think UH-05 is gorgeous. I lover her nose!
    20. Gah! The more I look, the more dolls I see that I want! Now UH-06 is also looking very tempting. :sweat