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Unidoll's New Real Girl "Hestia" [Queen/Fox] Discussion

Feb 24, 2009

    1. She actually reminds me of Sorceress Ultimecia from Final Fantasy 8. With the long nails and the glaring expression.
    2. first reaction was that she looked a bit like the soom girls (Kyrie and R.Dilu). those nails look ... woah
    3. The first thing I thought was Romantic Kyrie. One of my favourite molds. Let's hope they'll post full pictures soon.
    4. Yeah have to say looks too much like soom girl to me
    5. I also think she looks very similar to the old Soom girls. And I think it's a bit odd that she is one of the "real girls", as she seems to made in a completely different style from the others. Meh.
    6. Wow, the finely detailed make-up on the eyes is incredible! Gives this doll an extreme look. But, what concerns me are the fingernails, I fear they would have to be carefully packed & wrapped, when not on display, to protect them from breaking off.
    7. I hate to say it, but theres a bit of the old skool original Barbie about her.

      *covers head in wait for volley of flames*
    8. I like her a lot. She looks like she has beryl lips to me. I agree about the barbie look and I like it.
    9. I coundn't find her anywhere else than here in DOA. Where in Uni's site she is? >< want to show her to friends that can't access DOA .___.

      SE's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty *-*
    10. You can see photo board in Unidoll

      Address is http://www.unidoll.com/en/duplife_list.php

    11. Yes, maybe it's the faceup but she doesn't really look "real" to me. The nose seems unnaturally pointy. I'm sure someone out there will like it, but it's not my taste.
    12. I agree that she has a very different aesthetic from what I expect from the "real" line...but I love her face and concept! *Wishes her money tree was producing this season.*

      It seems like a few facial "tropes" are making the rounds of doll companies lately--I have seen similar lips on dolls from Soom, Fairyland, and of course Notdoll; FL and Dollshe have both recently released sculpts with similarly extreme eye shapes. I think it's really interesting to see these kind of fantastical features, but I can also see how they wouldn't appeal to everybody.
    13. my first thought was notdoll I have to admit

      but I do love her lips, sadl not 'real' enough to match any one my other dolls though
    14. I agree with salamander. A lot of the companies seem to move in clumps. The super-pouting/ewww-what-is-that lips going around now were preceeded by the super-big, collagen-injected lower-or-both lips. And for some reason, they seem to be sliding right past almond eyes into exotically huge slits.

      She reminds me of the more extreme KDoll sculpts, yeah, and Notdoll, and the Beryl/Soom look. Not my taste, but of a match, i guess to that Jace sorceror with the jewels in his head.

      Wonder if UD made her overall head size any larger than the relatively pinheaded UD girls so far (I say this as an owner of two of them, and having gone through gawshdurnit trying to find a wig that seats comfortably, looks good, and stays on their heads!)
    15. I really love the Fox makeup, her nails are AWESOME!! Could poke someone's eye out if she got mad, but she does look like Soom Gem Kyrie grown up. No more dolls for me, I have far more than enough ;)
    16. gah. She is awesome, in the old fashioned and modern sense of the word. I love her exaggerated style.
    17. I can't decide now if I really like her or I really don't. I love her eyes and lips, but together it just seems like too much.
    18. She's very interesting & I really like the fox version but I just don't buy the bigger girls. She is quite unusual for the UniReal line but was sculpted by a different artist. Since Raurencio Project started their own company, it appears that UniDoll is taking on some new sculpters.
    19. OK, now I know I am doomed! Too much is always just perfect.