Unidolls UH10 & UH11

May 19, 2006

    1. frzndaqiri > thank you!
      I just saw the UH-10 and UH-11 in preview, they are fantastic, unfortunately a 200 LE. *cries*
    2. This is for the new site www.unidoll.com

      I know we're not supposed to post in the news forum *_*

      Aren't they gorgeous? I haven't felt this way about any BJDs in a long time, they are beautiful!
    3. UH-09 would make the cutest girl EVER! Conversely, UH-05 would make a handsome boy.
    4. UH-08...ignore the dark face-up and look at the 2nd picture.

    5. UH-08 is perfect for one of my elven characters, but I had told mself to only plan 4 dolls him NOT included. But that UH-08 is PERFECT. He's totally being added to my list of dolls to buy if he isn't limited. So gorgeous.
    6. UH-01 is a face I could fall in love with if I stared too long . . . must! resist! Have! too! many! dolls! already!!

      I *love* this company already, they have such -- well, unique -- facemolds! I look forward to seeing the body photos . . . and to seeing lots and lots of owner pics ^-^

      -- Andi <3
    7. I love that Elf
      I keep reminding myself I dont collect large dolls ...but I love that Elf :)
      I would like to see a shot of the bodies though
      last time I fell for an ELf (Lovely house )when he came he had no boy bits :( I was gutted
    8. I think you guys broke the site. I can't get in to see :(
    9. The site still worked when I just now clicked it. Do you have flash player?
    10. I like UH-11. Dammit. :...(
    11. It wouldn't load for me at all a moment ago but it seems to be working now.
      Wow, I love the pouty lips on the UH-07.
    12. The site worked ok for me~~

      But I too would like to see body pictures, even if they are with bras and panties ;D Just to get a better idea of what they look like.

      Beautiful dolls.
    13. It was down for me this morning, but now I can access it - maybe try again later, jerrysugarav?

      EDIT: And OMGWANT! If only they were MSD-sized!
    14. Jerrysugarav--the site was periodically not opening for me, but if I hit reload, it would take forever and then finally show me the page. I think it's just wonky, is all.
    15. I'm with you Ashbet, I just love UH-01 too and would love to get him.
    16. I wish they had pictures of the doll's body.
    17. Grr....My comp won't show me the pics. T_T
    18. UH-11 is just wow... She's gorgeous! And U-08's faceup is :o! Where have these people been all my life? It looks like UH-11 and Uh-10 are limited to 200 and will be on sale soon! I love Uh-07's lips too!
    19. Here are the images from my photobucket account.


      I hope these are ok. sorry I can't seem to get the last one to show, she can be viewed in the news section though.
    20. oh no....why'd i have to look...i dont need anymore dollies on my wishlist..lol