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Unique Sculpts?

Mar 26, 2017

    1. Are there any sculpts that just stand out from the rest for you for example, Doll Chateau for their skinny, spindly, Tim Burton-esque dolls? Maybe Fairyland for their cute sculpts? What is something you find unique about a certain brand of doll?
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    2. The mouth/lips on dolls are usually what draw me. I'm really appreciating the trend for pouty lips (especially the upper lip). :whee:
      I also usually hope for a cute smile as well. It's not completely necessary but it makes faceups a little easier. And I like my dollies to look friendly and approachable.
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    3. Miracle doll. Their sculpts look like devils:whee: I like Doll Chateau William for the same reason.

      Loongsoul and Angels Studio. These companies faceups and characters are quite unique.

      Unoa. The way they are sculpted is unique too. The eye face ratio, sculpted eyebrows, wrinkles on the lips. :drool
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    4. For me, as a person who was drawn into bjds by dollzone Frieda and Trieda, I like sculpts that takes risks:
      dollzone and their flower-sculpts (those flowy lines have caught my heart),
      doll-chateau for their very stylized bodies and their choices (Elizabeth, I love you with your spider body! and no other company has done spiders),
      lillycatdolls for their bodies and proportions,
      miracledoll for their disturbing beauties (those expressions and facial particularities:love).
      But all of that doesn't stop me to fawn over some more "classic" sculpts: for example, I recently discovered Dragondoll's QianLi and melted for her sweet face:whee:.
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    5. Iplehouse for their dolls look so realistic like real humans rather than anime like or grotesque.
      And Granado for the same reasons and their men look so rough and manly, I really adore that :)
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    6. I love Dollzone for their interesting yet not totally over-the-top sculpting. They manage to make dolls look unique while still being cute and/or handsome and beautiful, and I just love their sculpts! (Especially Carter.)

      And though I don't own one (yet), I can also really appreciate the Iplehouse aesthetic. The realism is just amazing, and their dolls are gorgeous.

      Aaaand I also have to agree with Miracle Doll! Their dolls are so unique and detailed. I love Vic and Jing, and also mini Baiye! His lil smile and fang are just too cute.
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    7. For me sculpts that aren't overly popular usually because of their uniqueness in themselves be it for better or worse so to speak. But I'll list some that are unique to me for the qualities you don't see everywhere.

      Peakswood girls and boys have that signature look that no the company has followed. Those sharp big eyes and small pouty mouths are a common trait for them.

      Dream of Doll also has a signature look no other company has matched.

      Bambicrony, Dollgru, and Flower and Junior.
      Also Breathdoll reminds me of a mix between Bambicrony and KDoll.
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    8. I like depths dolls for their interesting anatomy and big hips ;w;
      and Tokyo dolls bodys how you dont see any ball joints but they pose so well and the bodies are so cute
      and I love souldolls mature and meloncholy faces haha
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    9. I love and have owned so many different dolls, from wildly popular cute Minifees to beautiful realistic Soom Idealian 51 to anime-leaning DollZone Mo to the round cutesy animals of Sakura & Paper to the weird cryptozoology themed Aimerai QT Monsters. I have a very wide range of what I like.

      For some of the most unique I've owned, I'd say Little Rebel with their signature wide mouths with beautiful lips and small eyes, Aimerai with their cute yet creepy small dolls, and Doll Chateau with their various morbid or curious creatures.
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    10. I love the word @CloakedSchemer used before me: morbid. I love that word when describing my aesthetic in a unique sculpt. I really wish more companies would pursue this outside of just half animals or zombies or partial skeletons, etc. I'd like to see more grotesque dolls on the market that break the mold of what's expected. Spiders, multiple limbs, multiple eye sockets..things like that. Grotesque without needing to rely on gore necessarily. Just special creatures in need of love!
      I love Doll Chateau's style with their elongated limbs but they still come off as too cutesy fantasy for my taste. Absolutely gorgeous to look at though! But I would like to see more dark and morbid creatures.
      I love seeing everyone's input here though. I'm very new the hobby and hearing of companies I hadn't before that I *should* be keeping my eye on in the future has been nice! It's also really nice to see an appreciation for unique or different sculpts of dolls.
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    11. I really love the look of Raccoon Doll dolls! Their bodies are so beautiful and they just look so feminine and pretty!! :love
      I also really love MYOU dolls and some Fairyland dolls, as well as Doll Zone dolls, because of how cute they look; I have a real soft spot for that innocent, and often round cheeked, look!
    12. I like so many of Soom's fantasy dolls. While other companies make fantasy dolls, no other company has done such a wide range of them. And Lume makes dolls that look more human and real than any others I've seen.
    13. Immortality of soul for me have a very unique sculpt that whenever i see a sculpt of it i know immediately that it is from the ios brand even without the remarks or tags. i really like how their doll have a very beautiful and uniquely design face sculpts that whenever i see them i always wanna buy all of them, too bad 'cause i don't have that much money on me.
    14. Notdoll for their very recognisable faces! They went bust a few years ago now, you should look the up if you get chance. I own Belladonna and Aletheia :)
    15. Fantasia's Canary.Cute should probably get some kind of award for "Least Genuine Smile." She's uh.... unique.

      (company photo, not my photo)

      If I ever receive mine, I'm going to get her two Ringdoll Monas to keep as pets.

      Speaking of, Ringdoll makes a lot of really interesting stuff in general, I think. And they tend to do a lot of really cool things too, like the Red King's light-up fullset.

      Serenade Doll's Artificial Bird also comes immediately to mind, as well as Alice in Labyrinth for their simple but unique aesthetic.
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    16. A lot of people have already mentioned the ones I thought of DollChateau, IpleHouse, etc

      But I think WithDoll have unique sculpts too! Particularly Adriana with her cracked face sculpt and Cecily with her glass like hands. Their transparent resin is beautiful and unlike any other I've seen. It really does look like glass! :)

      One also can't forget Fairyland's FairyLine60 Scarlett and her amazing clear steampunk seahorse tail! It is as unique as it is a work of art.
    17. You should look up Noble Dolls! I've seen them a few times and they're very stylized and so gorgeous.
      Not only that but Lilly Cat, too. I LOVE Lilly Cat dolls.
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    18. Yeah, doll chateau dolls are very unique.
    19. doll chateau dolls its top queer and nice :3 I love FL faceplates. I wanna try make anothar faceplates and expand spectrum of mood of faces.