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Unique Tan 'D' released from DollTi (on eBay)

Apr 5, 2006

    1. He's gorgeous..but unless I read wrong...there are 2 dolls of this kind....
    2. Yes, that's correct. The Tanned "D" is the "Special" and this one is one of two out of five "Spacial." It sounds as though the other Tanned D will be offerend on Ebay, as well.

      And Ebay User imp0102 is DollTi.
    3. Sorry -- was quoting from the auction title ^-^

      DollTi SD Size Ball Joint doll Specail Unique "Tan D"

      -- A (keeping a close eye on DollTi, since I want to get my long-coveted ShinB . . . although I'm going to have to wait 'til after my upcoming trip to New Orleans, which is going to take all my available money for a couple of months to come)
    4. little bit of drool on my keyboard
      I love this boy , what a face ...what a body he reminds me so much of my old Shin Ma
      all grown up
      and I love Minks work
      (tells herself I dont do large)
      I just wish ...wish ,wish the doll were anatomically correct
      I know it would just drive me nuts ..the old Lovelyhouse Body did ...but stunning work
    5. They are only 2 tan "D" dolls, one for the american market (via ebay) and the other one for the asian market, that is what they told me when I bought my regular "D"

    6. :::confetti:::: He's now part of my family.

      My understanding is there are 2 tans, one was supposed to be for the Korean market and one for world wide, but something happened to cancel the Korean sales and they'll both be available on ebay. Well there will be one more on ebay soon.

      I'm not happy with the angel crotch, but I'm gonna get that fixed.