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United Kingdom Mini Furniture Advice

May 1, 2012

    1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a bed and sofa for my MSDs and I was hoping you could help.
      I live in the UK, so AG stuff and walmart are out of the question. I have seen some beautiful from Dollmore, but I'm concerned it will look massive with my MSDs.
      What do you think of this sofa, too big?


      They have a walnut bed that I like too :)

      Please let me know your thoughts, I don't want to spend so much and make a mistake (shipping is $80!!)

      Amy xx
    2. My tip is: Look for 'doll couch' or sofa or 'teddy bank' stuff like that. You'll be amazed what that can turn up on amazon or ebay or stuff like that.

      Other than that, the key is to look.

      If you want/are okay with a double bed, try checking cat or dog beds. There ARE beds for the animals, that look like normal beds and some have just the perfect size for MSD. <3

      Good luck and keep searching ;)
    3. Thank you Snowy, I have looked but everything on ebay is 1:6 scale!! I have looked around lots and lots but have found nothing more suitable than the dollmore furniture. I think pet furniture will be too big :(

      What does everyone think of the doll more sofa? Too big for MSD? or is it ok?
      Amy :)
    4. If you're feeling keen, try looking in the craft subforum, there are some tutorials on make furniture for your dolls. Usually out of stuff that you probably have lying around. lol.
    5. Thank you Roz, I've seen some and they look good! I may try but I am just so busy! I don't think they'd be anywhere near as good as one that I could buy either.

      What does everyone think of the Dollmore couch? Do you think it is too big for MSD?
    6. The Dollmore sofa looks a little bit oversized to me (looking at their 3rd pic with the 43 cm kids on it) but if your dolls are meant to be kids not adults, I think it could work in a cute way?

      Another place you could look are gift shops which sell jewellery boxes in the shape of chairs etc. I have found some MSD scaled items in these shops :)
    7. I have one of the other Model size sofas from Dollmore and it's a little big and massive for msd. It's not terrible but it looks more like the msd is a kid in a grown up sofa. I have had good luck with finding stuff on ebay (I live in Norway and the selection here is non existent). I have found stuff by searching for jewelry sofas/couches, furniture for teddy bears and AG, Tonner and Ellowyne furniture and just by browsing doll furniture. It takes a lot of time but boy is it fun to find a treasure! :)
    8. If I read the listing right, they say it's available in four different sizes and one is sized for Dollmore Kids, which are 42 cm. That ought to be right for any other MSD.
    9. No, the sofa itself is only available in the stated size -- the listing describes the type of dolls shown with the sofa.

      I have a Volks sofa sized for SDs, and MSDs look pretty childlike on it.
    10. aww you guys are so amazing! Snowy, thank you :) I have contacted my friend in Germany and asked her to translate the listing for me :)

      I may buy one of these jewellery boxes, I have found some in the uk that are quite cheap. What I am worried about though is getting the wrong size. Which measurements work best for MSD (a question for those of you who own these boxes)?
      Is this one too small:


      ... I really want a cream sofa too, if anyone knows of a place where I can buy a nice one (I'm in the uk) please say!
      Thank you all so much x
    11. i would ask the seller for measurements. id guess this is too small
    12. Fashion: I want that sofa, it is perfect! is there anywhere I can get it in the uk??
      Kitty: It does say the measurements but I wanted to know which measurements are perfect for MSD :) x
    13. I have a little sofa/jewelry box that is just right for MSD's. It is 38cm from the outside edge of one arm to the other. It is about 18cm from the back of the sofa to the front of the arm. The seat is 11cm from the floor, and the back at the highest point is 21cm from the floor (it's a camelback shape). Here is my Bambicrony girl sitting on it.

    14. Aww that's perfect! I can't find anything that big on eBay though :(
    15. ..... What do you guys think? Is this one too deep? X
    16. I'm not sure, If you have an IKEA anywhere nearby check there :D I know that IKEA has this great bed (i think it's DUKTIG) and it's perfect for MSD's, ^w^

      sorry if this doesnt help ^w^"""