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Universe Doll 1/6 Discussion

Jan 28, 2020

    1. So on Universe Doll Taobao they released Three brand new 1/6 doll sculpts.

      Blossoming (open eyed) and Lailai (closed eyed version) US DOLL 6分 幼鹿崽子~~朵朵& 莱莱 新娃特价-淘宝网

      and human boy named Xiao Yan US DOLL 6分 小懵 新娃特价-淘宝网

      Official Taobao store link as well 首页-UNIVERSEDOLL娃社-淘宝网

      I'm still trying find out their exact size and measurements. If anyone can find this out! I'll put it into this post!

      They are sure cute! I caved and ordered a Blossoming. Looks like she/he has pointed ears and a bit of an anthro animal look. Which is actually a bit unusual due to the nose type.
    2. I found the body measurements on their Weibo:

      Height: 22cm without head
      Arm length: 7cm (excl. hand)
      Arm circumference: 4.4cm
      Bust: 12cm
      Waist: 10.2cm
      Hip: 14.5cm
      Thigh circumference: 9.1cm
      Calf circumference: 6.1cm
      Neck: 5.7cm
      Leg length: 11cm (excl. feet)
      Foot height: 2cm
      Foot width: 1.7cm
      Foot length: 4cm
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    3. Oh those are cute! I'm tempted as I have one of their SD bodies and the quality is great. I wonder if they'll ever make a version with a 2 or 3 part torso.
    4. They might at some point. The body really looks nice for a 1/6 doll. I'm guessing the dolls are about 27-28cm big based on those measurements. Blossoming is so adorable though!
    5. Wow! So adorable! Thank you for sharing! <3 Their tan options look amazing! I might have to be brave and an finally use a Taobao agent. The prices seem very affordable too.
    6. Just beware as their light tan almost ns in person. I agree the quality of their bodies is pretty nice though
    7. I had a similar problem with Gem of Doll. I was unaware that they had more than one tan and just asked for a tan skin doll. I was told afterwards that you have to specifically ask for the darkest tan available if you want it or they give you the lighter one by default. I’ll be ordering through an agent so I’ll be sure to ask for the darker tan.
    8. Heh, well I admit I did ask for their lighter tan. It actually works ok for my purposes but yeah if you want a noticeable tan usually the darker option from any company is the way to go.
    9. I just got the confirmation that my order for Blossoming in pink skin is placed! I'm so excited for the little cutie!