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Jun 5, 2017

    1. So, Musen Musen, the artist, has posted in the News Subforum, a couple orders have been posted in the Waiting Room, and one thread in Photo Gallery, so I'm assuming these dollies are on topic, but where's the Doll-Specific Thread to fuel more BJD hoarding?

      Here are some helpful links:

      Musen Musen's Flickr

      Musen Musen's Instagram (?)

      Musen Musen's (WoodForest Doll) Etsy Shop (no longer available) MiumiuMeoww's Etsy Shop

      Musen Musen's Weibo

      UniverseDoll's Weibo

      UniverseDoll's page on dealer Legend Doll (not to be confused with Doll Legend, the dollmaking company)

      UniverseDoll Taobao

      UniverseDoll TaoBao Dealer (?) and TaoBao Dealer 2


      De'Ath Human and Skull (for sale)

      Shock Zacharias 1 and 2 (same doll different faceup?) Beast Version (1&2 for sale)

      Fourteen (teaser)

      Lindberg Bat/Vampire Face and Human Face (teaser) More outfit detail and Flickr promo series start

      Blanc (limited?)


      Working on a Rabbit?

      Alsop: Monster and Human


      Measurements: According to Legend Doll for De'Ath and Zacharias
      Head size:22cm
      Neck size:10.5cm
      Shoulder width:15.5cm
      Arms length:22cm(not include hand length)
      Chest size:31.5cm
      Waist size: 21.5cm
      Hip size: 29cm
      Thigh size:16.5cm
      Leg length:37cm
      Foot Size:8*3cm

      Body available in two-part and three part jointed torso

      Resin Comparisons (Not My Photos):

      Video comparison with IOSDoll

      Hybrid Possibilities:
      The UniverseDoll body seems to have a long neck (poor giraffe hybrids)

      As a result, the body appears (?) to be a good option for IOS Dolls

      Is anyone else interested in these guys?
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    2. I both like and dislike De'Ath skull version... It's a cool concept, but his bottom teeth are WAY too big!

      Also, Crack looks a little too much like Baiye/grown Baiye... seems very heavily based on him, from the horns, pointed ears, open fang mouth, and cracking skin paint job.
    3. @thorneless

      I ordered De'Ath. I want mine to be female--I love the deep-set eyes. And I have a huge weakness for teeth. (I have 7/13 dolls with visible teeth with plans to add removeable teeth to at least one more.)
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    4. no problem. I ran into her work recently on etsy and flickr and admired them very much (even if not fitting in my collection atm).
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    5. Oooh, I see De'Ath's human listing (and probably others, but i'm too lazy to look) have nude pictures of the body! Anyone getting it? I'd love to see more of it :D

      I quite like their work! I'll definitely keep watch!
    6. I love De'Ath. He's definitely on my must-have list.

      Legend at first had him listed as limited but I recently learned that this was an error, he's open edition but he will be going up in price.
    7. @Lighthouse Asylum

      Good to know! I'm thinking about the body for another head because I like the upper chest joint and sculpting.

      It seems I may have missed another head which may eventually be sold by Musen Musen or UniverseDoll: Batman.

      I've added him to the first post.
    8. Oh my goodness I looove the fangy Batman!! That's definitely one to watch for I think. Any word on the bodies? And what about potential resin matches?
    9. The creepy art style is mesmerising... and something I noticed while stalking the instagram account, they've included an element in the body blushing I have never seen or even considered before. Pubic hair. I am now 100% set on adding body hair to any and all future body blushing endeavors I undertake or otherwise commission. What a tiny but beautiful addition!
    10. @thorneless

      I'm not actually in contact with anyone from the company--I just liked the dolls and wanted to talk about them--so I don't know about resin matching. I've looked on the sites I've linked in my first post and found no resin comparisons.

      I'm not sure anyone has received their dolls yet, but you'll have mine (snow white which I plan to resist dye with frisket/liquid latex) to compare to Supia white, Souldoll white, Or-Doll white, Soom white, Dollshe Fresh Skin, PygmalionDoll white (although I can tell you now this one is too pink), and Doll Legend white (non-imported) when it arrives. (These are the whitish resins I have which are still their original color and not dyed.)
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    11. @americanseamstress I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with your incoming head, thank you for bringing up this artist!
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    12. I'm also in love with De'Ath, too. I'm adding him to my wish list now. He's gorgeous! :love

      For people who concern about resin matching, I've already talked with the shop and they confirm that their resin colour is similar to IOS doll. You can see other resin comparison through this link.

      At first, I want only a body for my Switch head but after I saw a hybrid from some Chinese BJD players, I've changed my mind and considered to get a full doll instead. This body really has a very long neck. So I don't think it will compatible with other company heads that much. You can see some review from the artist's weibo. I really love this body. Their additional hands are looking good. I'm so tempted to buy all of them.

      Here is what I've known so far about this company. Hope it helps. :3nodding:
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    13. @fancat

      Thanks for the links! I had seen UniverseDoll's Weibo, but not the artist's. I've added the links to the first post!
    14. @americanseamstress Glad that I can help! I might miss your first post. I don't see you've already provided some link information. I'm just getting too excited when I see a new thread about this company. They're some authorized dealers in Taobao based on Artist's weibo post (I've read it long time ago. I'm not sure there still on the feed or not).

      Here are the list that I still have.
      1. 圈圈球BJD实体店 (I used to buy some eyes from this shop when they came to my local BJD event last year.)
      2. 银谷屋BJD娃娃店铺 (This shop has some special color options (need to pay more for color fee) for you to choose to make the body or hands compatible with other company such as IOS, Soom, Switch (SNG), etc.)

      There are more dealers but I didn't save the link. So here is all I have. :)
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    15. @fancat

      Where is UniverseDoll in the second link?

      I think I've already included the first link under UniverseDoll TaoBao Dealer in my first post.

      Thank you!


      @fancat has pointed me to a resin comparison with DollIOS, which I have now linked to my first post on this thread.
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    16. @americanseamstress Here is the link for the second shop. I saw you put the first shop in your first post. i just want to tell that this shop is an authorized dealer of Universe Doll. Sorry I missed type it.:)

      This one is the direct link of Universe Doll shop in Taobao.

      Here is a video of a hybrid between IOS head and Universe Doll body. Both are in White skin. For me, the proportion looks OK more than Luts.
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    17. I actually bought their hands with eyes release recently and I'm quite excited for it to arrive!

      I dunno if it belongs here though haha. It's not really the full doll but I really enjoy their hand sculpts
    18. I bought a blank De’Ath Skull version and an extra pair of hands on layaway through Legend Doll some time ago. I bought both in yellow skin. I think the head is pretty cool and I am very interested in the body and to see if it would work to make hybrids out of some of my floating heads.
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    19. @Prinsessen

      I've linked some hybrids to the first post on the thread. It appears you may have to do a neck shortening mod to get some hybrids to work.

      I've ordered the De'Ath scull head as well, for a female doll in white skin, but I may be adding the body on to hybrid.