Universe Doll Mini

Dec 30, 2017

    1. Where is the sale going on? :o
      I'm only familiar with them being on stacy's pink ocean and legenddoll, neither of which seem to have a discount up (though Verne is only on stacy's pink ocean between the two so I didn't know he even existed until like, now lol). I know they had an etsy store but it seems they deleted it...? (probably because of etsy's fee hike, if I had to wager a guess)
    2. Legend doll has an ad on the front page showing the 40% off sale! For some reason they only display the original price on the actual listings, but they do seem to be honoring the sale (I guess they'll adjust the price when they send the invoice?). I've sent them a message about possibly adding Verne to their catalog... I'm sort of hoping he just got lost in the shuffle.

      I sort of wish they gave us the full 50% for full dolls, but I figure I'm not in the position to complain :lol:
    3. Oooh! That's such a good sale! I might have to keep that in the back of my mind... with the type 2 body, shipped, on legenddoll would be like $276.50 for me so that's really tempting LOL.

      Is Verne limited edition or something, though? I was surprised by the nearly $700 pricetag on Stacy's Pink Ocean when Actaeon is about $300.
    4. Yeah, it's a crazy good deal. I'd never really considered the Universe Doll minis, but this is apparently a good way to get noticed lol

      That's a good point! I hadn't even noticed that. He's the same price as Actaeon on taobao (they're both listed for only about $93 there before all the fees *_*), but maybe that's part of the sale or something? Admittedly I'm kind of clueless about this company generally lol.
    5. Dang, sad I missed a sale but I'm happy to say I've got an Actaeon (human) on layaway! I literally spent months looking at hundreds of dolls and checking the marketplace daily for one that clicked with me and was in my price range. Actaeon caught my eye immediately and in that moment I switched from looking at getting a girl doll to getting a boy doll. The decision felt good right away!!

      He (though I'm going make mine more genderqueer/non-binary, so different pronouns) will definitely be getting a box opening to better help others decide!
    6. Does anyone happen to have an Adrar, or pics of him blank? I'm struggling to find anything other than the company photos :\
    7. Only thing i can find is the blank company photos of him. Is this what you meant?


      Also My Universe doll Actaeon is on the way! HYPE! We will finally have a photo of the new version of the sculpt for pictures here.
    8. Ah thank you~! Honestly any pics are helpful

      And congrats~
    9. Not a problem I found that on Universe doll's official taobao. US DOLL4分 1/4 阿德拉尔 素头仅展示-淘宝网 link is here. They have other photos as well for him too. Quite a cutie.
    10. Oh my gosh, that's exactly what I was after. Taobao still confuses me aha, thanks so much for the link~
    11. No problem! He's quite the cutie actually too! Taobao is quite confusing XD I actually keep the Universe doll taobao on a short leash oddly enough. I have two universe dolls racing each other right now. One's My Actaeon :D I know i'll end up with a 1/3 of theirs too for a full collection.

      Also if you aren't sure about ordering through Taobao. Clover singing (her site is Newclover-singing.com) is a dealer for them! takes about 4-5 months for a doll. And she also often has deals for Universe doll too so its worth watching if you are even remotely interested in their dolls.
    12. I randomly stumbled across the company yesterday when browsing doll legend aha, but they have minimal photos so the Taobao shop defs helps. I've recently rewatched Avatar and my love for Zuko has been rekindled, so I'm tempted to make him in doll form. Currently tossing up between this cutie or DC Bella for a more stylised look.

      I have ordered through Taobao once before, I had a direct link which helped haha. I'll keep that in mind though (I really shouldn't be buying more dolls at the moment, though I'm sorely tempted XD)

      Hope your dolls have a quick and safe journey home~