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Event Universe sale 50%

Jan 5, 2019

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    1. Legenddoll.net has the same deal listed I believe?
    2. Yes same doll, but seem like they don't update that event
      Maybe this only for taobao custome
    3. I'm confused what doll is this for? I"m not able to get on Taobao
    4. All dolls from Universe are sale

      You can check here to see sculpt:

      You maybe find taobao dealer on facebook, i know one name Crystal Yi
    5. The prices are really good but I only see the sale offered on Taobao and the store there says it does no ship outside China. You have to use a freight forwarder. I suspect the shipping charges on an item as large as a BJD could be very high. Taobao (acting as forwarder) charged me about $20 US to forward a small box of BJD clothes and accessories to Canada. A BJD would be much bigger and heavier.
    6. Update : this website has that event and free shiping

    7. I think that’s only free shipping with China and not internationally?
    8. Cloverdoll does free EMS shipping to the USA. I'm doing a layaway with her now :)
    9. That's sound great :celebrate:cheer:dance
    10. cloverdoll has very small amount of Universe Dolls, and absolutely no MSDs :(
      #11 silent, Jan 10, 2019
      Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
    11. I am using a Taobao agent to purchase Universe Dolls from SWdoll (US doll agent) on Taobao. Basically....double agent-ing it.
    12. Cloverdoll doesn’t always list all of a company’s stock, but if you ask them they most likely can order it anyway.
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