New Company Universedoll: A new company full of quirky and fantasy dolls

Jul 1, 2017

    1. Dear
      I want to introduce a new doll comapany. I think some of you may have already known it because of Instagram of Flickr. Now I introduce it officially.
      The Universedoll is determined to provide quirky and hybrid dolls and for now they already have released 3 75cm dolls,and each of them have two verisons, the beast version and the humen version.

      1. Shock Zacharias.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      2. De'Ath


      3. Lindberg
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Universedoll is also very proud of its accesssories.Especially hands.

      The body also has extraordinary flexibility and very beautiful.


      Universedoll is going to available internationally. And it will be for sale on Etsy shop: Woodforestdoll (It is the name of the shop, not a doll company).
      If you like those, please wait. It is coming soon,
      All heads and bodies can be ordered seperatedly.
      Also the accessories will be available at same time.

      You can find information of US on the social media.
      The designer of US is MUSEN
      Her Ins: 木森绅士 MUSEN (@levinss420) • Instagram photos and videos
      Flickr: musen musen

      .For further information, please email to: [email protected].
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    2. Beautiful dolls! Will you be making smaller 40-45cm dolls?
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    3. Oooooh that body looks really nice! It looks like they're double jointed, or am I wrong? I'm always on the lookout for double jointed gents!!
    4. When will the body be available?
      That'd be great to see its measurements like shoulder width and neck circumference. Also I'm interested in colors' display.
      Thank you! ^^
    5. I am definitely interested in these guys. What are their head measurements and the neck hole measurements?
    6. I have a few questions!

      Is the head "Angodoll Nero" (shown in the Woodforestdoll Etsy shop) produced by Universe Doll, and if so, is his body the same as the one shown above?

      Will the body bag shown with De'Ath also be available for purchase as an accessory?

      Thank you! I'm very excited about this company :D the resin props are amazing, I especially like the framed mask.
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    7. Hmm.. I think my wishlist is bigger now... Lindberg is fantastic.
      Are there going to be girls molds?
    8. @Lighthouse Asylum So, super late response but... Ango Doll appears to be another company! You can find their official taobao shop here! Hope that helps. :)