UniverseDoll/Musen Musen

Jun 5, 2017

    1. yeah, i agree, each body has it's own quirks, it's just depends can accept it or not. yet company should take care more about quality control, cause after this discussion i suppose that the reason maybe not because of bad master sculpt, but after casting and cleaning holes etc. maybe they sand to much there and there.. i don't know. yes, default hands are really beautiful!
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    2. @xatshe Hehe, I'm pretty patient with dolls so I could totally see how the popping joint could be a deal breaker. It really does pop out ALL THE TIME. Like you pick him up and it pops out. It has a couple of degrees of pop, or a couple of settings it will sit at? Not sure how to describe it. So like one pop isn't too bad. But full pop is quite broken looking. The doll turns into a sort of cat at that point, just melting in your hands. :XD:
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    3. if it pop out only when you try to make him sit, that's annoying, but acceptable. but like you said it does pop out ALL THE TIME and your comparing with melting cat is quite accurate! when you put the body in sitting position, when you try to make him stand, when you try to redress him, even you if now you touching his elbows etc. and it does with that degree that you can see on my picture. if to be more precise his ass pop out most of the time, not the torso
    4. Ahh, I have stumbled upon this company and fallen for their sculpts! ;-; But I'm kind of struggling to find information on their female body... Was Maegara/Aglaia the only head they made for the three point female body? (I'm looking on Legenddoll and it says 59cm for the overall height, but it doesn't look like any of the other dolls are that size at all...)
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    5. Welcome @Megami-Landing :hug:
      Oooh, I don't know. I haven't seen the girls talked about really! So far I only know of that one female sculpt from the same place as you, but maybe if you double check their Taobao? (I am no good at navigating Taobao at all...) They seem to come out with sculpts very quickly so it seems every time I check on them there is something I hadn't noticed!
    6. I just... slipped... and ordered Tsukimi! He's got such a cute nose and his lil pointy ears!
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    7. I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this in but, does anybody have a doll chateau adult body that they could show with a universe doll de'ath head? I love the aesthetics of those two sculpts but I've never been very good with visualising measurements :sweat
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    8. time to bump a bit!

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    9. @xatshe I always love seeing Donovan! :love

      Man, I just learned that those of us who ordered during the sale earlier this year may well have to wait up to seven months.... :( Guess they got overwhelmed by the number of orders? Sigh. I'll just have to settle in for the long haul, then.
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    10. @xatshe Your boy is so incredible! I love seeing photos of him!

      And here is my first real spam of the group. My Musen Rua head finally got a faceup. This is my boy Fable!

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    11. thank you so much!
      yeah, they got a lot of orders, so it will take time..

      thank you!!! oh, i love your boy and his pointy tongue :love
    12. Just asked the dealer about my order since it's been six months now...they told me that it won't be ready until September?!!! :o

      Nine months for one body... TTvTT I just got done with a ten month wait for a Ringdoll fullset, I, I can do this...I can.....

      It'll just be...a birthday gift.......
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    13. @bickazer
      Yikes! It looks like they got really busy since the last I ordered! I hope your body comes in earlier than predicted!
    14. @americanseamstress Yeah, it seems not only are they backed up on orders, but they had a problem with the molds as well. Hopefully they'll be able to get it sorted out, but it probably has added some extra time.
    15. @bickazer Did you order during their sale? I ordered two bodies about 4 months ago, and was originally quoted 6 months as well. Looks like I shouldn't start poking anyone any time soon.
    16. @Cloudedmind Yeah I ordered during the sale, early in January. From what my dealer told me, this is affecting all Universe Doll orders, not even necessarily those made during the sale. >_>;;;
    17. @bickazer Unfortunate, but nothing to do but hunker down I guess.
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    18. Wow @bickazer that is a crazy long wait. I hope it comes sooner than that.

      Man there are a lot of dolls I want to buy from them but I'll wait till they catch up. In the mean time has anyone seen the two new heads Musen released on StacyPinkOcean. They are so unique I had to start a layaway for both heads.
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    19. @KiwiNinamori I hadn't seen them. Interesting! I'm swimming in floating heads this year...so I will have to admire what you do with them! ^__^