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Jun 5, 2017

    1. So, Musen Musen, the artist, has posted in the News Subforum, a couple orders have been posted in the Waiting Room, and one thread in Photo Gallery, so I'm assuming these dollies are on topic, but where's the Doll-Specific Thread to fuel more BJD hoarding?

      Here are some helpful links:

      Musen Musen's Flickr

      Musen Musen's Instagram (?)

      Musen Musen's (WoodForest Doll) Etsy Shop (no longer available) MiumiuMeoww's Etsy Shop

      Musen Musen's Weibo

      UniverseDoll's Weibo

      UniverseDoll's page on dealer Legend Doll (not to be confused with Doll Legend, the dollmaking company)

      UniverseDoll Taobao

      UniverseDoll TaoBao Dealer (?) and TaoBao Dealer 2


      De'Ath Human and Skull (for sale)

      Shock Zacharias 1 and 2 (same doll different faceup?) Beast Version (1&2 for sale)

      Fourteen (teaser)

      Lindberg Bat/Vampire Face and Human Face (teaser) More outfit detail and Flickr promo series start

      Blanc (limited?)


      Working on a Rabbit?

      Alsop: Monster and Human


      Measurements: According to Legend Doll for De'Ath and Zacharias
      Head size:22cm
      Neck size:10.5cm
      Shoulder width:15.5cm
      Arms length:22cm(not include hand length)
      Chest size:31.5cm
      Waist size: 21.5cm
      Hip size: 29cm
      Thigh size:16.5cm
      Leg length:37cm
      Foot Size:8*3cm

      Body available in two-part and three part jointed torso

      Resin Comparisons (Not My Photos):

      Video comparison with IOSDoll

      Hybrid Possibilities:
      The UniverseDoll body seems to have a long neck (poor giraffe hybrids)

      As a result, the body appears (?) to be a good option for IOS Dolls

      Is anyone else interested in these guys?
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    2. I both like and dislike De'Ath skull version... It's a cool concept, but his bottom teeth are WAY too big!

      Also, Crack looks a little too much like Baiye/grown Baiye... seems very heavily based on him, from the horns, pointed ears, open fang mouth, and cracking skin paint job.
    3. Edit: Crack is NOT a recast.

      Crack looks like a recast with very basic modding (the cracks.) Almost identical in sculpt to MD Baiye. Hard to tell because of the faceup.

      Any mods or others have info on this?
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    4. >> Edit edit; I'm not gonna delete this in case anyone is curious about what sculpt Crack actually is ;) but! Just an alternate, personal faceup! Yay!!

      hmmm... :eusa_sile
      Edit; maybe it's not a "teaser" per se, but just their own personal MD Baiye modded? ~hopeful~
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    5. @thorneless Ohhhhh snap I knew I wasn't hallucinating! That's pretty damning evidence IF they're trying to sell it as a "new" sculpt. :evil: He even has the asymmetrical horns identical to grown Baiye...

      I'm hoping it's just an artsy repaint to show off the double neck torso stand...
    6. @Wolfie Pie it doesnt show up for the dealer website, but i only looked into it enough to put these three pictures together and post it (mostly for my own nosy comparison) but i am curious what the intentions are!
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    7. @thorneless I'm gonna get Munsen Munsen's dealer involved.

      @Lucien Carr can we get an answer about this? Is Munsen Munsen just showing off their dual neck torso stand with a Miracledoll grown Baiye head for display purposes, or are they actually trying to sell this head as their own doll, "Crack"?
    8. This could be my error as well.

      I'd be wary of accusing the artist of plagiarism or recasting when it could be my mistake.

      Musen Musen does post custom faceups that s/he does of already existing dolls. S/he has a whole folder on Flickr of such custom faceups and body blushing. I was trying to pull the ones that looked like his/her original artwork which will be sold under a collaboration with UniverseDoll (if I read correctly), and did not want to omit any sculpts to give credit where it is due.

      I have tried to only choose the sculpts which look like promotional images, but it is possible s/he was commissioned to faceup someone's MiracleDoll Baiye adult (or whatever the sculpt is) and was promoting that, not an original doll.

      I would hate to be the cause of a witch hunt in the hobby when it could be the result of my simple mistake. I am not as familiar with MiracleDoll's SD sculpts besides Jing, and merely noted that it looked a bit like Or-Doll or younger Baiye. It was not my intention to accuse the artist of anything.

      Edit: If it turns out this is my mistake, and Crack will not be sold under UniverseDoll, I would be happy to remove this doll from the list--the extensive list, again, was to provide credit where it was due, but also to express my surprise that a company had released promos for so many dolls (and ads in the News section to indicate the dolls were on-topic) without having a thread on DOA.
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    9. Oh no I'm genuinely just curious! The work is beautiful, and if that is just their faceup work... well. I guess I have a new artist to ask if they accept commissions @[email protected]
    10. @americanseamstress That's good to note that they do a lot of faceups on existing dolls. I'd still like an answer from their dealer, though, to be on the safe side. I don't want to start a witch hunt either, but I'd rather catch something early for clarification's sake.
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    11. is this the same doll? IMG_0745
      if so, the description actually says "My friend Bái Duìzhǎng made the doll. It is so beautiful."
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    12. It looks to be a different faceup version of the same doll. Yay! So glad they are legitimate. They do such beautiful work! I'm excited to see more tbh
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    13. @ATYL

      It appears to be a similar face, although not a similar faceup. I tried to click through all photos in the series of this doll and must have missed that one (or not made the connection that it was the same sculpt).

      Thank you!

      I'll remove Crack from the list.

      I am terribly sorry for causing Musen Musen such wholly unnecessary brain damage.

      Now, does anyone actually like these dolls and want to talk about them? I'm rather excited for my head!
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    14. @ATYL Yay thanks for finding that piece of info!

      @americanseamstress Like I said in my first post, I find De'Ath interesting, but the large bottom teeth take away from an actual anatomic skull look. The other two have very lean features and remind me of the of Dollshe boy aesthetic. I'm curious to see owner pics when they start coming in.
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    15. @thorneless

      I ordered De'Ath. I want mine to be female--I love the deep-set eyes. And I have a huge weakness for teeth. (I have 7/13 dolls with visible teeth with plans to add removeable teeth to at least one more.)
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    16. no problem. I ran into her work recently on etsy and flickr and admired them very much (even if not fitting in my collection atm).
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    17. Oooh, I see De'Ath's human listing (and probably others, but i'm too lazy to look) have nude pictures of the body! Anyone getting it? I'd love to see more of it :D

      I quite like their work! I'll definitely keep watch!
    18. I love De'Ath. He's definitely on my must-have list.

      Legend at first had him listed as limited but I recently learned that this was an error, he's open edition but he will be going up in price.
    19. @Lighthouse Asylum

      Good to know! I'm thinking about the body for another head because I like the upper chest joint and sculpting.

      It seems I may have missed another head which may eventually be sold by Musen Musen or UniverseDoll: Batman.

      I've added him to the first post.