UniverseDoll/Musen Musen

Jun 5, 2017

    1. Thanks! I really love this head as a girl as well (although I'm hoping to see others interpretations--as guys or gals really)!

      I love the sculpting of the body--it has some really nice design features and detailing (as you've noted the abdomen, and I really have a weakness for the hands) as well as some interesting engineering (you can lock the elongated s-hooks in the hands and feet to change the hands/feet).

      I'm adding my other UniverseDoll head here, as I somehow forgot to include it, despite posting this right after dyeing it! :doh

      Here's my Blanc head on a Loongsoul 62cm body, (I like him as a younger character.)
    2. Oh! I didn't realize there was a Universe Doll thread!
      Hello! ^___^

      It's great to see some dolls already home to people!

      I have the Musen hands with the eyes already home, and I'm waiting on a full doll (De'Ath skull version). I'm going to hybrid the body, but I'm planning to have fun with the skull head and make it into a broken nutcracker automaton.

      I was so excited when I saw this company. I'm so in love with the style of hands!
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    3. @Lady Ravenswood
      I love the skull head! What resin color did you order for the body and the head?

      I also look forward to seeing your nutcracker! Is it a sentient nutcracker or more of a mechanical turk? What a cool idea!
    4. @americanseamstress

      I ordered De'Ath in normal yellow, as I think it will be the best match for the head I want to hybrid with (crosses fingers). My hope is that it will only take a little blushing to match.

      And thank you! I've been reading my daughter a book of the Nutcracker ballet a lot lately, hehe, and the idea stemmed from there. So the idea is something around a broken automaton that was made by Herr Drosselmeyer. I want to give the broken face a high color, porcelain feeling and add in some metallic accents to the skull underneath (like brass). Since the Nutcracker turns into a Prince in the story, I thought it was interesting for him to have a skull underneath the broken porcelain. Also, those big teeth! ^_~
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    5. @Lady Ravenswood

      The Nutcracker! My sister loved that story--we went to see the ballet in our city a couple times. It's beautiful!
    6. Yes, I've really been entranced all over again after reading the story so many times! Hehe. Since I have other plans for the body I thought maybe a broken automaton would be a good backstory for a floating head. :lol:

      Also, I have to say, the dye job you did came out SO lovely on those heads. I'm really interested to see how your lady comes out. ^__^

      Ahhh! I want my guy to ship already! Hehe.
    7. @Lady Ravenswood

      Thank you! I really like how the resist dye turned out on the skull head!

      And I hope you receive your head quickly--it's really well sculpted!
    8. I've been looking at links from the first page to keep myself from going crazy while I wait. Hehe. ;)
      Thanks for posting all those goodies! :bcake

      Hmm...but I think the link about 5th Motif fit might be a bit confusing. The Venitu in those photos really looks to be on the Timeless body (they are 5th Motif hands for sure) and I think it's an IOS Sezz (maybe?) on the Universe Doll body?

      It's actually really cool to see the two hands together!!
      Ack! I'm so excited. I have a Venitu and I'm so in love with that style of hands now. Hehe. I was so happy to see another company doing something similar in the hand area.
      Ok well, now I'm apparently just going to bounce around in impatience. Haha. I'm just super in love with the sculpting from Universe Doll and it's making me all antsy. :sweat
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    9. Sure. ^__^
      I can pop my Venitu head on the Universe Doll body once it arrives too!
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    10. Hi!
      When I saw Blanc, I'm fall in love this sculpt and bought him in a moment! I don't know what body need for this head, cause I don't saw hybrids of this company yet. For good luck, I had Immortality of Soul doll on 70cm body in white skin and order head in milky white. And I want to say - it's amazing hybrid!
      [​IMG]1-2 by jack sea, on Flickr
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    11. Nice, @jack_sea
      The Blanc head is really lovely. ^__^
      Can't wait to see what you do with him! Looks like the resin match is pretty much perfect.

      My Nutcracker is here!


      I need to paint him and I have some fun ideas for accessories I can make, but I managed to pull together a dang decent outfit from items I already had! Wooohoo! Hehe. I'm really happy with this outfit. Hm...have to figure out what I want to do about boots. Anyway...

      And due to a series of events he will get to keep this body all to himself.
      (Can I just say that Universe Doll and Stacy's Pink Ocean are both awesome and their customer service is super amazing. I kinda legit cried with how nice they both are. :chocoheart)
    12. @Lady Ravenswood

      Nice! I love the outfit! Is that the UniverseDoll body? The legs look so long with the tights!

      The body looks really good with Blanc! What do you plan to do with him?
    13. @americanseamstress

      Yes! It's the Universe Doll body. This one is the 3-part torso version.
      I'm honestly really in love with how the legs look in these tights! I put them on him and was like, oh, well, yes, ok. :love

      I will actually be getting the 2-part torso body too! And I ordered the last two sets of hands that I wasn't able to get before. So I will have allllllllll the beautiful hands. <3

      I still need to try my Venitu's head on this body, but it's strung super tight and I have a bad shoulder so I haven't been able to do it yet. I'm going to let the Universe Doll body sit for a bit and see if that loosens him enough for me to manage.

      Also, have you all seen RUA? I'm so in love with his expression! I can't afford to get him right now though. :pout:
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    14. @Lady Ravenswood

      I kinda have that situation too!

      I ordered the 2-part torso body, and then the 3-part came out :doh.

      Luckily, they let me order just the torso pieces, so now I have a 3-part torso doll! Unfortunately, I don't think I was as clear as I should have been about the resin color, so my hip piece is pink white instead of snow white :sweat, so my guy has a...sunburn...in an unfortunate area.

      I plan to dye the doll, so it doesn't matter much (that's why I'd gone with snow white--good base color), but it's pretty funny for now while I try to decide which doll gets the body (can't dye until I know the resin color of the head).

      I look forward to seeing the body with the Venitu head, but don't mess up your shoulder! Two people I know went through PT for 2 different shoulder issues (bone spurs--this one needed surgery too--and frozen shoulder) and it was pretty rough!
    15. @americanseamstress

      Oh! I ordered the 2-part torso and got the 3-part too! Weird! Sadly my body also arrived with some very bad black staining from his paperwork. :...(
      But as I said Universe Doll and Stacy are amazing and I am getting a replacement body, which is so, so kind of them. I literally cried happy tears.

      So that is how Nutcracker is able to keep this body, and my floating head will wait patiently for the 2-part body. And they will share all the beautiful hands.

      Ugh, shoulder injuries are just...booooo. I've been in PT for ages it seems (second time) after I tore my rotator cuff....

      Oh man, I'm sorry about the color mix up on your guy's torso though!! How crazy! :ablink:
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    16. @Lady Ravenswood
      I honestly think it was my fault for not using the resin colors that MusenMusen uses (I ordered originally through LegendDoll, which I believe is based in China, and the resin color names on that site and MusenMusen's terminology didn't match--haven't checked recently, so perhaps it's fixed).

      So I'll call it my goof. If I really cared, I could probably exchange it, but since I'm dyeing it, it doesn't actually matter (the hip piece will just go in a yellower dyebath than the rest).

      That's really awesome that they're so willing to help with the black staining! I don't know if you've already managed to get it out, but you might try soaking the piece in 90-99% isopropanol (I've done it to UniverseDoll resin with no problems). Alcohols seem to be able to soak deeper into resin than water, and dye for paper shouldn't like resin very much, so it should dissolve in the alcohol if you can get the alcohol to soak in far enough. (Otherwise, there's always sanding.)
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    17. @americanseamstress

      Thank you for the suggestion about the alcohol! :hug:
      I was able to get most of it off with sanding. Yes.......
      There are two faint stains left and perhaps I will fight with them more at a later time, but for now I'm tired. Heh. I just want to enjoy the doll so I'll worry about it later. He's dressed anyway, so I can't see them for now! ;)

      Aw, yeah. It can get really confusing with all the different sites and languages. I keep trying to check back on the Etsy site, like just to confirm. Hehe.

      Hm, I wish I had known that there was a pure white resin tone when I ordered my Musen eye hands (if you can order the eye hands in pure white?). I have them on a Dollzone doll and they are a bit pink in comparison. Nothing terrible, but I bet the pure white would have matched better. They are fantastic though, so I can't really be that broken up about it. I need to blush them still! I'm trying to decide exactly how I want to do the eye part. Mm, choices, choices.
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    18. @Lady Ravenswood

      Huh. It looks like the Etsy page doesn't even have the pure white. LegendDoll still calls the pure white "snow white" and the pinky white "white," however, and the Taobao (with Google Translate) has both whites as well.
    19. @americanseamstress

      Yeah, the Etsy page doesn't have the pure white listed on the eye hands so I dunno if it's even a possibility. Hehe, maybe just wishful thinking after I saw it pop up on the doll listings.
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