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UniverseDoll/Musen Musen

Jun 5, 2017

    1. @americanseamstress Me too! I want to see what everyone does with this head. He is going to be my character named Fable. He is a guy cursed by a broken contract with a demon because he has a bad habit of lying. His punishment now is to not be able to lie anymore. But he also has the benefit/misfortune of knowing when other people are lying to him. (Makes it sort of hard to trust people). So I his character is this modern day rebel type and he actually has a seal tattoo on his tongue of his contract. XD hopefully there is enough space on the sculpt's tongue to put a tiny tattoo on it lol
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    2. @KiwiNinamori

      That sounds really cool! I hope you have room on the tongue because I really look forward to seeing that tattoo! Hopefully I'll see more of him on your YouTube channel!
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    3. I definitely will put it up there! I still also want Universedoll Lindberg and Angodoll Nero as well. So many dolls so little money >_<
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    4. @KiwiNinamori
      Ugh! I sympathize! I really want an AngoDoll Hazal because I love the bone structure, but I keep getting distracted by other dolls with limited ordering periods! :doh
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    5. Oooh, I'm so excited to see a Rua!! I want that sculpt so badly...but I doubt it's going to happen for me. Ah well. I shall have to live vicariously through your guy, so please spam him! ^___^
    6. I just had to share. Look how pretty! :love


      I got the whole collection of haaaaands! <3
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    7. My Musen Rua head came in today and I love him! This is a nicely sculpted head. I got him in normal skin and he is just a bit more paler than the Akagidoll body I tried him on. With a faceup it won’t be noticeable at all XD He arrived really quick too @americanseamstress. Less than a month from order to delivery. I’m highly impressed.

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    8. Whuh? How did I miss this?

      @Lady Ravenswood

      Now you've done it--I want those hands! Darn! (My next dolly order is getting longer!)


      That resin match looks really good! And it looks like either the Etsy shop uses a different CoA than buying from UniverseDoll or they updated it. (The ones I have are just a promotional photo of a different doll! :XD:)

      I like the graceful lines of that body paired with the head--he looks kind of fey and like quite the troublemaker! He'll be irresistible with a faceup!

      And it looks like MusenMusen continues to roll out more dolls--I saw this one the other day (before the exam avalanche started and random DoA comments were my only break).
    9. Waaaa~ I love him, @KiwiNinamori ! :love
      And I agree, he looks really good on that body. I LOVE the Universe Doll body, but somehow I think that one really fits him now that I see him on it. I'm excited to see what you do with him! Please share lots of pictures. :chocoheart

      Argh, I know @americanseamstress that grumpy little elf is such a cutie! I really do need like one of every head. :sweat
      As for the hands...dooooo iiiiiiiit. They are so beautiful. :: clutches all the hands and hugs them ::
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    10. @Lady Ravenswood

      You have them arranged so nicely in a ring it makes me want smaller ceramic ones for a necklace! I do really love the long fingers!
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    11. Does anyone know why the etsy shop is gone?
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    12. @Cyador

      Hmm. I don’t know! It was working for me two days ago.
    13. Oh no! I was just looking too. I hope it comes back. :o
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    14. yeah, i also put Death's head couple days into the basket and now shop is gone -_-
    15. I am in the middle of trying to resolve them having shipped me an incorrect head. This certainly doesn't help my anxiety about the situation. I really hope that I get my item. :(
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    16. I’ve contacted Musen’s dealer here on DOA, but I feel kind of bad about it because I wasn’t thinking about the holiday (I didn’t start thinking about the holiday until after finals).
    17. Hm, everything is still listed on Stacy's Pink Ocean, so even if the Etsy store is gone (hopefully just for the moment) there is still a way to order from them right now.
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    18. Thank you! @americanseamstress and @Lady Ravenswood I really like him on akagidoll body too. I'll be sure to post pictures when he has a faceup and wig :3

      I don't know why the etsy shop went down, that's crazy. There are so many heads I still want to buy so I hope they bring it back.
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