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Unoa 2nd : where i can find some shoes and some clothes ?

Apr 11, 2007

    1. Hello, please ! (sorry for my terrible english) :

      I have Unoa 2nd cream and ....

      Where i can buy some clothes and shoes to fit Unoa 2nd

      it is Tyler fit same size ?

      I have just find mule to Ebay...

      thank you very much to reply :)
    2. For shoes, I highly recommend the boots for Kitty Collier & CED dolls...they fit perfect! Here is a good place to get them: http://www.facetsbymarcia.com/shoes2.htm ... scroll down the page a bit...they come in 6 different colors. :)
    3. Look on eBay for shoes/boots for 'Kitty Collier', 'CED' and 'American Model'.
    4. i have try, but not really choice :(

      about clothes i want style "boudoir" or "marie antoinette"... Kitty collier fit same ? please :'( ! ! !
    5. You can find Tonner Clothing websites for Sydney and Tyler Wentworth. (even ebay) There are some gorgeous outfits but they are pricey, but worth it. I've also seen some nice dresses on Yahoo Japan, so you may wish to look there as well if something pops up.
    6. Aishi,

      the styles you want can be found on ebay under Franklin Mint Scarlet! I found many of her dresses fit and if you like victorian style like I do Scarlet has many wonderful dresses:) hugs, gg
    7. take you very much all ...

      me i have just find on mule shoes on tallina but she can't stand up :sweat with it !
    8. i try to find "franklin mint doll" but scarlett is fit many several size T_T (or Rose about Titanic...)... i am so lost...
    9. Aishi,

      Look under Scarlet Franklin mint, but the FRANKLIN MINT VINYL PORTRAIT DOLL COLLECTION version. She kinda looks like this...

      I'll see if I can link it here:


      hopefully it will work. The clothes for titanic rose, diana, and similar dolls can fit Unoa 2nd!! let me know if you are able to see this?? hugs, gg
    10. Tonner shoes are too small.
    11. A really great place to get any and all Tyler Wentworth clothing as well as Kitty Collier clothes and shoes is www.twodaydreamers.com they are located here in the USA and I think they ship world wide. I get all my Tonner dolls from them and they take major credit cards. I hope this can help:)
    12. aishi,

      don't get tyler shoes they will not fit Unoa 2nd. Only the American model dolls 22inch size will fit Unoa 2nd. If you look under joetai's shoes on ebay he has name lovely boots under american model dolls remember 22inch size they will fit Unoa 2nd. Or shoes for 18" kitty collier. hugs, gg